Youth Leader Abandoned SPLM-IO Cites No Reasons

Cde Panuom Kor and his colleague: photo/supplied

Panoum Kor Chagai currently the outgoing Secretary of Training and Research of the SPLM-IO, Western Australia Chapter of Perth abandoned the SPLM IO movement and refused to give further details. In letter sent to RB by his associate, Panoum said that he officially reassigned from his position and left the entire SPLM IO for good.

“Dear comrade Simon Changkouth – SPLM IO Executive Chairperson of Western Australia-Chapter I hereby tender my official notification to resign from the above-mentioned position and cease my membership from SPLM IO in Australia and support in the Africa’s youngest country the Republic of South Sudan effective as today”

“In 6 months time it will be exactly 7 years when SPLM SPLA In-Opposition was created to counter the brutal regime led by President Salva Kiir Mayardit at the time of systematic target of certain tribes particularly to be on point the genesis of Nuer Community Massacre around JUBA area of Mia Saba(107), Gudelle, Eden and it’s surrounding”

“Majority of us including the world condone this act and called upon Presdient Salva Kiir to act as head of the State and stop the bloodshed with no success up to date. During the time of negotiation when H.E Gen. Taban Deng Gai was officially appointed as Chief negotiator for SPLM IO and Nhial Deng Nhial representing Government side of Salva Kiir I was entrusted to compel Press Statement documents for SPLM IO before publication a time I will always keep that I stood firm and rendered my utmost support both financially and in time while abroad and traveling back and forth to South Sudan I stood firm with my people”

Mr. Kor, an enthusiastic young man who dedicated his energy to “fight for injustice” according to his friends was elected as the chairperson of the SPLM Youth League Western Australia in 2017.  

“In 2017, I was unanimously elected as SPLM IO Youth-League Chairperson in Western Australia and I took it up to myself to officially open the Youth-League here in Perth Western Australia with team of my colleague who held various position and posts under my Leadership. This was during Cde Comrade Mai Makuach former SPLM IO Executive Chairperson in Western Australia. During that time, I grow up and developed long life skills and experience both in managing people, time and resources as well as effective communication in Public sphere”

“My reason to tender my resignation is nothing to do with the State Leadership here in Perth at all or States Affairs across Australia, my reason to tender my official resignation is a well-developed thought-after decision to pull out from any Leadership post or membership of SPLM In-Opposition. At this point of time, it is critical to keep that reason aside hence it should not be used by SPLM IO members, supporters and die-hard to stop rendering their utmost support to the largest and official Opposition Party in South Sudan”

“Lastly, I want to take this moment to thank my colleagues from SPLM IO in Western Australia, would also like to thank my colleagues in other States and Territories of Australia for having firm stand against a regime of President Salva Kiir that is notorious to fail its people and lack behind of positive change”

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