“Youth engagement in decision making” implementation of programs by a true elected leader, SSNYU”

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By ~ Marial Mangar Akol

This article in its totality serves as Appreciation-of-Honor to the chairman of South Sudan National Youth Union (SSNYU), Cde. Gola Boyoi. In my last article on my Facebook timeline exactly the night to an election, I said Vote for Gola Boyoi and see the revival of Youth developmental activities. Before I go further, let me tell you I was a team member of #Gola2019 during his campaign. However, today is the first of it kind to give my appreciation of honour to his leadership. Remember, the title above would not dictate this article. I would go deep until it depicts the full meaning.

As I mentioned above, In earlier August 2019 during SSNYU tough campaign’s commencement, I had sighted today’s perfectly conforming and exceptional desire in the shadow of comrade Gola. In that light, I have to navigate and gripped the obligation to support him. I had encountered some critics on the platform I have chosen to convey my campaign messages. I then used that criticism to shaped and brighten the campaign. 

Now as you read this, I am proud. I felt not betrayed, I felt no mistrust, I am still standing tall more than before to support him.  In a short period of time, exactly in less than a year, I have some gratified achievements registered in my diary. And to my principles, I believed in “Do the little and win my appreciation” for I  do not support the hooligans but someone with qualities of leadership. Therefore, I  decided to pen down this for the perfect reasons hereunder;

After his successful victory, just a few months Mr. Gola Boyoi assumed and started his duties exactly as I expected of him contrary to our previous mobile office located at the back chair, I mean an office located in the vehicle. Cde. Gola made his office known, and accessible. Currently, they as leadership perform their activities on their own premises. 

South Sudan, a country where regions and gender diversity drive every agenda and program, Cde. Chairman managed with excellent to formed his government reflecting 35% of women representation which is lovable and to its uniqueness Mrs. Parmela Paul Machuei hovered as deputy chairperson who, not only on gender ticket but equally through her capabilities did she won the trust from the chairman. There were too no questions as to his full government’s structure, all regions were represented with competence youth. 

In March this year, the nation was waved and shocked by the pandemic Covid19 with fast & wider spread countrywide. SSNYU leadership took the lead in its awareness. They went underground in collaboration with South Sudan Youth coalitions disseminating and demonstrating Corona Virus WHO preventive measures to the population. They distributed thousands of face masks, water-tape, soaps and sanitizers throughout Juba city. A great job worth appreciation!

Last three months, SSNYU had initiated fundraising to support the needy. Like a young girl who was helpless and in a dire critical situation. They managed to raise the required amount and took her abroad for further medical management. 

On 3rd September this month, SSNYU held a penal of discussion titled youth engagement in decision making under the theme, “Youth engagement for sustainable peace and development” were youth leaders at various capacities were at high table (panellists) while the union deputy chairperson was the moderator. The penal discussion was a recap of Youth International day’s celebration.  So, when you reconciled the events to what I wrote on my timeline on 22nd October 2019, one would say cde. Chairman is on right track.

Here was what I wrote; If South Sudan Youth would vote in Gola Boyoi he will do these; Collective engagement of youth in decision making, right from the implementation of the current conflict to make sure we are living with the identity of being YOUTH and South Sudanese. Liveable environment  – To change society’s approach in order to meet the set of criteria for sustainable development.  Independence of youth: The Youth profession- the civil youth segment, empowering professional structures and training through Non-Governmental organizations (participation, services, volunteers, advocacy) to mention but a few. If one could reconcile the events he had done to what I said earlier you would come to the conclusion that Cde. Gola is on a right track. Thereof, these are young leaders our Country want and should be encouraged to do more. 

Before I conclude, If this article may reach the cde chairman’s office as it was proposed, I would wish to predicate some tips of the recommendations for his consideration.  First, there are no tangible achievements, full accomplishment of the programs without cooperation with the authorities concern especially under the youth cluster in R-TGoNU despite the fact that SSNYU is an independent organization. I was excited when I saw SSNYU leadership with Vice president, Her Excellency Mama Rebecca thus, wishing you more of the step taken as well in the Ministry of Youth and sports. The more you all cooperate, the more you go to the surface of the mood, achieving much!!

Secondly, I would wish to ask your leadership to approach and work hand-in-hand with the Minister of Public service & Human Resource Development, Hon. Bangasi Joseph Bagasoro who promisingly had plans in place on the provision of job opportunities to youth. His desire to lay the foundation, I mean his initiative is the last hope for the youth of this country and since you are aware, the majority of South Sudanese youth who graduated from various universities are on the streets. These are the very youth who had wrongly chosen media war, committing other crimes. The product of idleness, sipping tea from morning to evening. 

I am also taking this opportunity to inform and urge your authority, SSNYU to cease media confrontation with some outraged critic. The union had a strong press desk and it sounds diplomatic and intellectuals if the only union would put clarification to any propaganda and fabrications proliferated by enemies on social media.

Lastly, a nice beginning make a good ending, however keep up the spirit, never rest until your objectives are as bright as we wished. By setting the difference means achieving your goal at last.  


The writer is reachable at Email: mmangar55@gmail.com

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