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Yasir ArhmanYasir Arman. Deputy leader of SPLM North - Agar

Much has been forgotten about the man whose political war helped craft the political landscape of the Sudans. More often, as South Sudan’s liberators and martyrs are celebrated or remembered, Yasir Arman always seem omitted despite being well known by most of the elites who run South Sudan today.

Out of sight out of mind could narrate a little about his forgotten efforts coined in during the liberation struggle and which are part of backdrop of the Southerners freedom.

Yasir Arman, is a man who fits the definition of face of liberty of both North and South. He has dedicated his entire to fighting for the minority and the marginalized citizens of the Sudans. But who is he is? Who is Yasir?

In brief, Yasir was born in October 5, 1962 
Tabat City, Al-Jazira, Sudan. He is believed to be a direct descendant of Nuba people (Nubians) who civilized Egypt and whose iron civilization spread throughout Africa, originating from Kingdom of Meroe (Merowe) which is one of the oldest known Kingdoms (750BCE to 350CE) on the face of the Earth.

Yasir Arman is married to a daughter of Sultan Deng Majok, one of the sultans of South Sudan, and has four children (Wikipedia)

As a youth, Yasir joined politics at a relevant age and at a time Sudan was heavily divided.

In late 70s and early 80s, Yasir joined Sudanese Communist Party (until 1987) Where he dived into one of the strongest revolutions under the leadership of Late Dr. John Garang de Mabior and became close to him till he willfully parted his way.

His political parties since 1987.

Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (1987–2011)

Sudan People’s Liberation Movement-North (2011–2017)

Flag of SPLM N.svg
Flag of SPLM N.svg Courtesy of Wikipedia.

Sudan People’s Liberation Movement-North (Agar) (2017–present)

Arman is one of the leaders who helped draft and signed the Naivasha agreement of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement that ended the war between the north and south of Sudan in 2005. He was the head of the SPLM quota for the parliamentary faction.

But after South Sudan got independence in July 9th 2011 Yasir left to pursue his quest for liberty and joined SPLM-N which later succeeded in 2017 into SPLM N (All Hailu) under the leadership of Abdelaziz al Hailu and SPLM N (Agar). Yasir opted to join SPLM N- Agar section under the leadership of Malik Agar and became the deputy secretary after Ismael Jallab (The Secretary General) as of May 2019.

The Sudan People’s Liberation Movement – North (SPLM-N) operates around Nuba Mountains (Blue Nile) and South Khordafan. They believe that one day Sudan will unite and eradicate all the differences in a hope to bounce back to former/ancient glories.

As of today ( 2020) Arman is the deputy of Malik Agar, the leader of SPLM – N (Agar) and he is currently involved in negotiations or Sudanese peace talks (Khartoum and different rebel groups including those from Darfur) mediated over by President Kiir’s security Advisor, Hon. Tut (Kew) Gatluak Manime.

Yasir, in a Facebook post noted that though he was born in North, he holds both Sudans at heart.

“Though I was born in North, both South and North have equal and special place in my heart”

Arman has been fighting for freedom of the marginalized for Both The Sudans for over 30years.

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