Yambio: More than 18 people burnt while hunting for bush meat for their families

Injured PeopleTwo Men Laying on Yambio State Hospital as they await medical treatment/photo supplied

A report indicates that almost 20 people have been rushed to Yambio State Hospital after sustaining degrees of burnt in Yambio.

The people were allegedly hunting for bush meat using scorch-earth method several metres away from where people live.

The aggressive fire then spread and engulfed the people who then had little time to escape, sustaining burns.

The incident happened today in the mid morning hours in Gangura Payam of yambio, Western Equatoria state.

According to locals, most were men who initiated the process of that is referred to as NGUMBE, a method that have been used for centuries as hunting tactic by the Zande people.

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Reports indicate that there are more being rushed to hospital apart from the confirmed casualities. At least there is non confirmed dead as their injuries are being attended to by the doctors at the Yambio State Hospital.

The local state officials are yet to comment regarding the matter.


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