With $100 only: Ministry of Interior allegedly selling citizenship to foreign nationals


The South Sudan government’s department of Directorate of Passports, Nationalities and IDs under the Ministry of Interior is allegedly selling South Sudan Citizenship to foreign nationals.

The alleged price is $100. And there are many foreign nationals with South Sudanese passports raising the question of ‘how cheap’ becoming a South Sudan citizen is.

This has left citizens overwhelmed given that the Country is hardly won from battling with Sudan for a period of 21 years in the then Sudanese civil war which was the longest war in Africa.

“The ministry of interior is selling passports to the foreigners. Many foreigners are now citizens of South Sudan and we do not why in this country our fathers fought for. They become citizens very easily” said a Juba residence this morning.

For South Sudanese who resides abroad; especially in countries of Africa, becoming a citizen of that country is nearly impossible but the case is quite ironical when it comes to how the government gives citizenship to foreign nationals easily in South Sudan. There seems to be no protocol or law regarding that.

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