Will China Conquer Africa?

China in AfricaChina in Africa

By: Tut Kuany Kok.Ni hao ma? This is the Chinese word for how are you? However, we need to learn Mandarin before it’s too late. Chinese are advancing in Africa so fast and it will reach a point where we won’t stop them. The most recent data available reveals there were 182,745 Chinese workers in Africa, mostly spread across some 10,000 Chinese-owned businesses.

In many activities carried out by the Chinese in Africa, it indicates that China is investing in Africa so that in a few years to come she will amass vast territories of African land to herself. For instance, two years back in Kano, one of the states in Nigeria, Mike Zhang: a businessman was appointed as the village chief.

Again in the Ghanaian small town of Kwahu-Abetifi, Sun Qiang was also appointed as the chief. This development not only shows that the Chinese are for business in Africa but also to rule the owners of the land.

In his book titled Zambia Shall Be Free, Kenneth Kaunda, the first President of Zambia argued that “Zambia shall be free from colonial masters, it shall feed her children and it shall rule her people and her land and resources will be used by her citizens.” End of quote. But I don’t think Zambia was/is free. Everything in Zambia is all about Chinese. Billboards are written in Mandarin (Chinese language) and a vast territory of farmland is Chinese-owned.

Last year, the town mayor of Luanda found out that Chinese locked Zambian citizens in metallic tanks almost suffocate to death. No one knows why they were locking people in tanks. “Human trafficking” I guess. The Mayor got mad at the Chinese, insulting them and he was telling them that “this is Africa and Chinese have no right to mistreat her people.” immediately, the Chinese contacted their embassy about the incident. The embassy burst into terrible anger and called the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Zambia. Shockingly, the Mayor was forced to apologize to the Chinese, and his apology was broadcasted in all Chinese Media in China. This tells us that the Chinese controlled us. They’re being given special treatment than Africans themselves.

I heard that in Sierra Leone, the Chinese bought 100 hectares of protected rainforest and beach for $55M. Also, in Somalia, the pirates sold part of the fishing shore to the Chinese. Congo also fell under the same fate. China recently purchased half the farmland under cultivation in the Congo.

In the book “Will Africa Feed China,” the chief economist of the African Development Bank published an article on the risks and opportunities associated with China’s rise. China, he wrote, was “the biggest ‘land grabber’ in the world and Africa.” Moreover, this shows that China is the central player in land acquisition in Africa.

Also in the same book a news reporter said and I quote “China . . . now has extensive holdings in Africa, including pending or attempted deals for millions of hectares in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Uganda, and Tanzania, with many thousands of Chinese workers brought in to work on these lands.”

In South Sudan, the Chinese are being respected and given VIPs Cake as if they fought with us when we were fighting for our independence.

As I understand, the Chinese will invade Africa in some years to come, due to the population that squeezes them for years in their small land. And because of their cruelty and aggressiveness, they will mistreat Africans in their lands more than the Europeans.

Trust me, the Chinese can even exhume our dead ancestors on the pretext that they have found the golds or oil or diamonds beneath the graves. What I’m saying is that the Chinese are coming to Africa with great determination through trade, tourism, diplomatic cooperation, and individual-individual understanding, and what we should do as Africans is that we have to unite ourselves to resist the second wave of colonization of modern Africa.


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