Why YMO quit music…Ever wondered why musicians quit music? This is an article you might not want to miss

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Ever wondered why musicians quit music?

By Staff writer.

A few days ago South Sudanese were astonished when one of the best talents/vocalist YMO announced on his Facebook page that he has quit music.

The news was quite shocking but manoeuvring through thick and thin life of musicians, you could actually feel it.

It was devastating that he ended his musical career, but there could be more to it and who are you and I to judge. Afterall, life is a music!

Now, to the point.

Music is a way of expressing feelings that might be hard to be expressed otherwise music to many is a source of stress relief. It helps to calm down or just relax on a bad day. It is a creative pursuit where creators and performers can be talented, lucky and ambitious and still somehow end up quitting few years in. if you have been at it for a while, you know how grueling a music career can be, but have you ever nailed down exactly why?
Rather than floating aimlessly through the ups and downs of your musical pursuits, its healthy to check in and think about what inspires musicians to stop playing music. Doing so can help preserve your longevity as a creator. We should learn from each other’s mistakes to better understand why creating music as a career is so difficult. This can improve our chances of both writing and performing over a period of decades rather than a couple of years.

Take for example YMO, a great south Sudanese musician who made the hit song “beautiful South Sudan.” The song received positive critics from all over Africa whereby it was nominated for the best song of the year 2019 in South Sudan. YMO was so on fire that he also received a nomination as the best RnB artist of the year in 2019 in South Sudan.

The guy was flying high not until recently where he took to social media that he is quitting music because of undisclosed reasons we are yet to find out. According to rumors from unknown sources, they suggest that YMO fell into depression.

Let’s take to considerations reasons that can make someone to quit his or her music career.


Money issues can amount to massive, insurmountable issues for unestablished musicians. We are told that in order to make it in music, we’ve got to give it everything we’ve got. Thus, this is a myth. You can absolutely build a financial sustainable career through thought, planning and without making unsmart financial choices like going into debt that will haunt you for years.


If you are a committed, serious musician, this reason for quitting is one that can sneak up on you. Similar to how financial debts create conditions that make it impossible for many musicians to create in, doing too much at the wrong can cause you to step away from music and never come back. Music might seem like the most important thing in your life. However, if you lead your career with an all-or-nothing attitude, you won’t be able to create or perform for long.

Lack of inspiration.

What drives you to make music? Are you more concerned over stream counts and social media follows than creating something truly great? If so, you are probably not going to last long in your career. Get in touch with what inspires you in music over and over again. this way, you can have the strength and interest to keep creating when times get tough. Just remember that hardship and rejection are unavoidable if you are hellbent on being a serious musician.

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