Why 25th Dec. Peace Concert’s Tickets are expensive

DiamondDiamond Platinum/Photo Courtesy

The upcoming peace concert in Juba’s Freedom Hall organized by K2 promotions and Events is showing how expensive Diamond Platinum is.

The Tanzanian star will be rocking the stage in a few days’ time. And you might need some good amount of money to get to see him.

The ticket is however not less than 62,000 SSP or $100 depending at the time and place of exchange.

There is already criticism from the ordinary South Sudanese saying the amount is not affordable.

According to media sources around East Africa, Diamond Platinum, let say he is booked to perform around and within East Africa, he charges a least amount of $80,000.

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The much anticipated show that will take place on December 25th 2020 will also be attended by legendary South Sudanese musicians such as Gordon Koang and John Kudusay.

A good number of people is expected to turn and rock it the event as well.

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