Who is GEN. LOKUJO? | “The Merciless Knife of DR. Riek In Equatoria”

Lokujo is an IO General from Kajokeji but the slaughter he has done to his fellow Kuku in the last three years both in Kajokeji as well as in the refugee camps in Northern Uganda is unspeakable!

For him, human life is not important as long as what he does pleases his seniors like Dr. Riek, Angelina Tenyi, John Mabieh, etc and earns him promotion like what happened in early 2020. With that recent promotion by his master Dr. Riek Machar, who himself is another 1991 blood thirsty General, it has given General Lokujo the opportunity to stretch his blood calling hand to all corners of greater Yei!


….Oh people of greater Yei, a peaceful loving, God fearing people; a people normally when troubles come, they say, NO PROBLEM GOD IS THERE (Akonda Ngun kata)! But now a merciless murderous knife is being planted amongest you by Dr. Riek, in the person of a blood sucking General called Moses Lokujo!
Wo-wo, where will you run to! The Bari from the North and the Eastern Equatoria tribes, when your land is already grabbed by the giants from Bor and Warrap, you would think of runing South to hide in the bushes and forests of greater Yei or proceed for refuge in Uganda, beware of the blood thirsty wielding knife Gen. Lokujo, like a fierce lion ready to devour, he is waiting for you and your children alike! Your heads will be discovered on the road sides and the corpses of your children will rotting in those bushes and forests!
……Oh karo people of Central Equatoria, a monster has risen among you, called Moses Lokujo, he now wants to assume the position of your God (Ngun)!!…
…Reports say, Gen. Lokujo has trained a sniffer dog called John Rembo….. That even if you run for your life to the remotest part of the refugee camps in Uganda, if Gen. Lokujo wants your head on Mrs Herod’s plate, within no time John Rembe will bring your head to Lokujo….
…Oh the Karo people have produced a twin sword son,
Lokujo/Rembo who put their might together and that sword is to pour down all the young blood of their own brothers, sisters, fathers and mothers alike…. Oh Equatorians you have raised your own monster Gen. Lokujo to pour your own blood …
…Oh Gen. Lokujo you have risen to the level of King Herod, it looks you are now assuming the position of the Equatorian God since you can slaughter any Equatorian and pour the cold blood at your will!!!

Equatorians are only waiting for you to let them know where you are assembling their souls after the slaughter since you are now also a god!!!!!! Oh Gen. Lokujo…

Lokujo doesn’t care about Equatorian concerns like land, cattle encroachment, etc, he is just about self and pleasing his masters whom majority are not Equatorians!

..Those fellow Equatorians among us who are sponsoring this cold blood slaughter, please check whether your own cup is not yet full!!!..

Anyway, everything has it’s beginning and end!


(DISCLAIMER: This message herein was first broadcasted by South Sudan Voice of the Voiceless on their facebook page and Ramciel Broadcasting does not represent or sharein the views expressed in this message. Image by Pacho.org)

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