Who Killed the two Upper Nile Politicians & Why?

Screenshot 20201010 091609 1603124976303File Photo: LEFT, Yiey Ruathdel, RIGHT Dok Tuach

Wednesday, 23rd of September 2020 was just like any other sunny day in Juba, the heart of South Sudan. The morning dipped in the Sun, remained steady and the events went on smoothly without a sinister sign. Politicians woke up and gathered around and about, lobbying and discussing the economic state of the country as well.

It is always both a captivating scenario and daily routine for idling politicians to gather and take tea. This common culture is known to have out grown the fundamental human struggle which otherwise in philosophical terms should mean mere manual struggle: The art of running to and fro to put something on the table for one’s self or family.   

Not knowing what lurks in the dark, Yiey Ruathdel, a middle aged man and Dok Tuach, a man at his early 40s woke up like any other politician and went about their daily lives. In the evening, the two government loyalists chilled in a bar close to Landmark Hotel talking about their day and politics as well.

The Killer, Daniel Ngor, a police officer and a citizen from Warrap State had his daily struggle as well. It is alleged that at evening hours, he serves as a guard.  With nobody knowing what was going on in his mind, his close allies didn’t bother to ask about his dark plans that await the sunset.

With his Ak47, his disastrous action would soon send shock waves and fear among politicians that are less fortunate with security in Juba.

Both the deceased politicians served in the defunct 32 states. Hon. Dok Tuach Bithou was from Eastern Jikany and particularly, the clan called GaaJaak; sub clan: Chiereng.

Having been entrusted with leadership and responsibility, he served as a Commissioner of Longechuck county of Upper Nile State prior to the times the 32states system. On the other hand, Hon. Yiey Ruathdel who hails from Akobo was the Minister of Information for the former Bieh State.

At 7 pm, Ngor appeared out of the blue. And it is alleged that he was attending to his usual work duty at work station. With fate linking the three up, Ngor asked the two seated politicians to be bought for supper saying that he was too broke to buy for himself.

Feeling the heaviness of the question and burden of provision, one of the two responded by saying that they would not cater for his demand. From the witness’ point, a little argument sprung up and ended shortly after Ngor gave up.

The killer had other plans and in order to execute them, he had to cover up the dirt by asking for an unusual favor; given that it does not often happen in Juba City which its life is marred with heavy economic crisis. Taking up the responsibility of another man of your age clearly requires a strong will.

Ngor went ahead and left the two in peace like he was satisfied. At the time, he was weaponless and that time frame was enough for the two to survive limitedly on the face of the earth. But soon, they would depart from their families.

On return, Ngor had his AK47 already loaded and cocked.  He had his target by the heart but at the end, his deadliest mission would be accomplished.

There wasn’t much thought to be injected on after the bloody scene, but the put forth answer was that he went to pick his gun and returned to the same place the two were.

Ngor shot those two and they died instantly leaving the people around to run in disarray. Shocking enough, and that is after being caught, he gave a reason of as to why he killed the two. Though a political theory came up, rumors were already capitalized on. But the vagueness of his answer was greatly doubted.

He was apprehended the following day, Ngor said the following:

“I thought that we had an agreement as the Dinka that Nuer is the only enemy we lomng have and one can kill them anytime he is willing to do so”

Words translated from Dinka

Some politicians and political commentators who referred to remain anonymous have termed the murder as an assassination, political elimination while others blamed the aftermath on the deceased saying it is lack of security unconsciousness (Being ignorance enough to mind less about personal security).

There have been many cases of murder in Juba and South Sudan in general especially those close to high ranking leaders and for whatever exact purpose, nobody knows.

Some like the case of Thomas Aban, a relative and a said brother to Dr, Lam Akol are believed to be political motives, the case of son of former Central Equatoria Gvernor Clement Wani Konga, a colleague of Gen. Gathoth Gatkuoth , the former governor of defunct Latjor State, a relative to James Hoth Mai, the Minister of Labour and so many others were murdered across South Sudan.

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Many have been murdered yes, but the justice system that shoulld curb or bring to an end such occurrences still remains six feet under in Republic of South Sudan.

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