White Army Leaders in Talks with Hon. Duer Tut for Possible leadership Endorsement

Duer TutHon. Duer Tut Duir, Gen. Koang Chuol Ranley in Khartoum, Sudan attending SPLM-IO Leadership meeting

A report seen by Ramciel Broadcasting indicated that powerful IO figure, Hon. Duer Tut is in talks with several White Army leaders in the Greater Upper Nile. 

“They are talking to him. They are investigating him whether he is leaving IO or planning to replace Dr. Machar”. Said the source who refused to be mentioned due to security concerns. 

Recently, Duer came out openly and criticized those who left IO for SPLM-IG. But different sources within the leadership believe Duer can be a possible threat to Dr. Riek Machar unless he formed his own political party. However, Duer is insisting on reforming IO with his recent calls promising total reformation within the party. 

“His calls for reform are what interest these people. They want to know whether he can defeat the president or not.” said the source. 

Ramciel Broadcasting is following this development. More are coming up on our site. 

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