What is political connection between James Kok Ruae and Taban Deng Gai?

Former minister of humanitarian Hon.james kok speaking to media at his home, Juba, South Sudan.Former minister of humanitarian Hon.james kok speaking to media at his home, Juba, South Sudan.

Nhial Wat Nyang

Their political allies started since 2001 during their defection from Riek Machar ‘s Nasir faction to John Garang’s Torit faction.

The two guys have mobilised their huge military support within the Nuer areas mostly in Fangak-Gezira under the command of late General Michael Top Yai who was by then in full control of the area.

They made their official declaration in Rumbek.

Now Taban Deng is with Salva Kiir and James Kok Ruae pretended as a member of the SPLM/A-IO but this is not the reality.  James Kok Ruae is just using the SPLM/A-IO as a means of reaching to the community of Fangak in the ground, he is living in the SPLM/A-IO as a political refuge. They are still keeping their strong political communication with Taban Deng.

Riek Machar have done a great political sucide by giving the position of JOONYANG MP in the National Assembly to James Kok Ruae who was just came to the SPLM/A-IO with the intention of getting the position.

Again, James Kok Ruae is falling within the same geographical location together with Honourable Minister Ambassador Stephen Par Kuol.

It’s a great premature decision from Riek Machar to take that blind political balancing, Riek should suppose to give chance to Jonyang community in order for them to own their political freedom otherwise his imposement of James Kok Ruae is political motivated by his wife and Puot Kang.

I’m urging my fellows Jonyang comrades to stand up and revisit the imposement of James Kok Ruae to your constituency parliamentary position.

That position is belong to ChiengNyapir community and the one for the state should be for ChiengThoir community.

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