What does Joe Biden Presidency means for S. Sudan?

Joe Biden

Confirmed as the President elect of the United States of America by the media sources, Joe Biden have ‘tough times’ a head as put forth by the experts.

The former Vice President of US who served under Barack Obama would soon be sworn in into the considered high ranking office across the world.

But Trump is yet to concede defeat.

For South Sudan, a country whose journey to independency was aided by United States of America when George W. Bush was in power, and Independence fully achieved while Barack Obama was an incumbent president, there are much to be expected from the new administration. Or if not, much can be said.

South Sudan as a young country trying to open eyes to the bright light of democracy has suffocated itself.

While many would argue of a significant change that could be brought by the new US adminstration, many would prefer remaining confident about self healing nation. This is a South Sudanese mentality or a forced hope. But there are much political drama in the country and the part that US would play could turn around both the political and Democratic journey of the young nation.

Thousands have died due to civil war, hunger and general insecurity state of the country.

US has been criticizing poor governance, massive corruption and human rights abuses in the Republic of South Sudan for the last 7 years or to say: since the outbreak of 2013 civil war.

Many South Sudanese leaders have been sanctioned by the Trump administration over corruption and human rights abuses.

In June 2010 Joe Biden met President Salva Kiir. At the time, he promised financial support for then April Polls which saw Kiir cling to the power up to now.

US relation with South Sudan has been at the edge since the supported autonomous South – before becoming independent – made trade deal with Asians’ countries like China which is a trade rival of US.

This soured relationship between South Sudan and US

So much time has passed but there could be a new beginning for South Sudan if the US, under Biden Administration turns the wheel. But South Sudanese are already seeing donations which could literally kill the path to a better country.

The new US administration’s role in the devastated South Sudan will highly be expected. Perhaps, Joe Biden is the man whose say could turn around South Sudan’s situation through United States’ influence.

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