Warrap State Governor visited the ‘thatched’ headquarters after a trending picture

IMG 20210227 WA0013Trended picture/photo Credits: Ramciel Broadcasting haven't yet know the person who took this picture but credits all the work to them

The Warrap State’s new Governor has visited the State’s Legislative Assembly after a thatched surrounding trended.

The County Assembly’s “bill board” sparked criticism for the last three days on Social Media showing the lack of development in the president’s homestead.

Many took to media to call on the president and other Warrap leaders to renovate the premises or build a better one to avoid embarrassment.

According to a video shared by Twic Media Report, Governor Aleu Ayieny  was seen pointing at random places and try to estimate the precise location the trending picture was taken.

He was along with a few other leaders as they inspected the place.

Though they turned to show that the headquarters wasn’t bad off as portrayed by the social media, it was still ironical that a place so rich with leaders with wealth like Kur Ajiing and the President is languishing in the dark.

Following the trend, many posted the well constructed Equatoria states county headquarters which look well built and beautiful.

It was at  this point that the governor wad provoked and he visited the premises.

This also happened after he visited Warrap after his appointment.

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