Warrap Citizens Want to Know the Whereabout of the President

Dear our MPs in Juba,

May 24, 2020 (RB), We the concerned citizens of Warrap State are very deeply concerned about the ongoing rumors that our son president Kiir was evacuated to Egypt for treatment of COVID-19. If true, we wish him speedy recovery.

Also of late there are rumors circulating in the social media as well as telephone calls from deep villages of Warrap that president Kiir is Dead and there is ongoing arrangements for succession before his untimely death is made public. Ateny Wek on Saturday refuted the allegation about evacuation of President to Egypt for treatment. However, many of us here accepted it half heartily.

Again, we are still waiting for Ateny to come out and clear the new rumors that in deed our son the president has died.
Your Rt. Honorables, in view, that our son and the president is not seen in public for several days has only left us not to believe what Ateny Wek has said.

Consequently, here in Warrap we are in total confusion and terrible pain as there is no government in place to update us about what is going on with our son President Kiir. We are made to believe either our son is dead or critical ill since he is not able to appear in person to refute those allegations so that we know the truth.

The fact that Presidents and leaders of other countries are constantly addressing their nations in this difficult times compelled us to write you so that you come out and tell us the truth.

We therefore, are humble but urgently asking you as our representatives in Juba to tell us the truth regarding the health of our dear son and the president.

  1. Whether the president is sick and transferred for further treatment in Egypt or not? We want to know.
  2. Whether he is dead or not? We want to know.
  3. Why the President is not appearing in the public in the last several days? We want to know
  4. Why President is not coming out just to be seen so that all those allegations is once and for all refuted, and those creating it get ashamed. We want to know
  5. Finally, for us to return to normal, please advise our president to come out or tell us just the truth. We love him, he is our son always.

In conclusion, if you are not able to let our son the President appear to speak to us in person within the next 48 hours, we are going to form a delegation to go to Juba to find the truth on our own as we cannot let our people here be in continuous pain.

Thank you

Concerned citizens of Warrap.
Warrap State, South Sudan.
24th May 2020

(The name of the youth asked not to be revealed and his message above does not represent Ramciel Broadcasting’s views)

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