Warlord David Yau Yau now pursuing academic excellence at the University of Juba

David Yau Yau. Photo CourtesyDavid Yau Yau. Photo Courtesy

The renown warlord David Yau Yau is now deeply engaged in scholastic activities, Ramciel Broadcasting has learnt.

Yau Yau who for a long time appeared and made headlines for engaging in, and spearing heading Murle and their neighbors battles in the Jonglei State has humbly committed to rebranding his future through academic excellence.

David Yau Yau is currently studying at the University of Juba which explains his long quietness and disappearance from the public limelight.

Venturing into and capitalizing the paradigm shift, Yau Yau is pursuing a degree/masters in Security Studies/Strategies and Leadership at South Sudan’s Premier University – Juba.

David Yau Yau was last seen during an interview by Dolku Media last year along the President advisor for minority affairs after fights among the Jonglei communities in South Sudan.

From there, Yau Yau was off air. A new leader for the Pibor Administrative Area was also appointed by the president last year as part of peace implementation and Yau Yau was completely off the limelight.

Gen. David Yau Yau who was actively engaged militarily in acts that promoted instability in the country is now battling with his books and pens to secure a new perception of reality in the country.

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