VP Wani Igga’s knees literally suffocated Jonglei Conflict, citizens breathing at last

Wani IggaVice President James Wani Igga Kneeling Born, Jonglei State during peace mission in July/Photo Courtesy

When Wani Igga took to knees.

In July, the Vice President of South Sudan James Wani went to Bor, the capital of Jonglei State to address and cites the reasons for insecurity and beefs between the communities. On that day, he met the community leaders.

This came after persistent of conflict between Murle-Lou Nuer, Dinka Bor – Murle which started in the early days of January 2020 (although the nature of such conflicts existed for nearly a period of 50years) in Jonglei State.

The conflict resulted into death of more than 500 people and displaced over 200,000 people with majority of the victims being children and women.

Wani while addressing the citizens of Jonglei in Bor, he literally kneeled and begged the warring communities to come to terms with one another and embrace peace. The VP also asked them to make peace with one another and to stop conflicts as it is the only way to survive and coexist together.

His message was greatly welcomed and cheered. His kneeling effect eventually brought peace to Jonglei but of course with efforts from other leaders in the country.

In a long observation, Jonglei has been at peace, assuming that it has not made headlines for the last two months. At atleast the communities are enjoying a period of peace that is expected to last forever along with the ‘general’ peace in the country.

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