Unknown sickness hits Kakuma – RB

KalobeyeiKalobeyei Settlement - Courtesy of UNHCR-Kenya

An unknown sickness has broke out in Kakuma Refugee Camp affecting hundreds of people. The sickness has symptoms like high fever with body temperature hitting 42 degree Celsius which is beyond normal and severe headache.

According to sources, the sickness outbreak has at least persisted for the last 2 and half months. The harsh weather of Kakuma which makes the health of thousands of people vulnerable is however said to have contributed to the outbreak.

Speaking to Ramciel Broadcasting, a young man who asked for anonymity said that there have been several cases with at least two children of below the age of 3 dying.

“There has been sickness which has caught people here in Kakuma and Kalobeyei. When you are taken to hospital, you are found with body temperature of 42 and after some doses of medicines, you look very sick and just come back home to rest. And you are given a drip.”

Asked whether it was coronavirus or not, the man said he was not sure since there was no flu cases or coughing which are associated with Coronavirus Disease 2019 (Covid-19)

“I don’t think that it is coronavirus because doctors said it is malaria.” he added.

According to UNHCR – KENYA, an influx of new arrivals in 2014, Kakuma surpassed its capacity by over 58,000 individuals, leading to congestion in various sections. Following negotiations between UNHCR, the National Government, the County Government of Turkana and the host community, land for a new settlement was identified in Kalobeyei, 20km from Kakuma town. In this camp, some South Sudanese from Dadaab refugee camp were taken to Kalobeyi.

Both Kakuma and Kalobeyi Integreted Settlements are home to more than 150, 000 South Sudanese displaced by both the Sudanese and South Sudanese civil wars.

Kakuma is one of the biggest refugees camp in the horn of Africa with at least peoples from four countries which mainly comprises of Somali, S.Sudanese, Ethiopians and Congolese.

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