Unknown company arming dozens with machetes in Juba as Kiir toppling looms | RB

FILE PHOTO: Young people seen selling machetes today in Juba/Supplied.

The reports coming in from concerned citizens, who also have witnessed some underground dealings are that an unknown company is supplying some citizens and groups with machetes in Juba raising fears of a possible genocide.

“There is company with unknown name in Juba selling machetes to citizens. Many young people (underage) are seen also selling them to people. This brings suspicious that there’s gonna be another Rwanda-like genocide,” said the source. While speaking on condition of anonymity to Ramciel Broadcasting this morning, he also added:

“And some said, there are few groups within who wanted to spark violence so that Kiir can leave the power”

In the last two weeks, tension have been rising in J1 between President Kiir and Security Chief, Akol Koor due to arrest of Akot Lual who is also Kiir’s nephew and advisor on minority affairs.

Gen. Akol arrested Akot Lual without the president’s knowledge and when Kiir learnt about it, he ordered Akot’s release immediately and questioning Akol Koor why.

Akol Koor is reportedly said to be conspiring and bowed to topple Kiir if he is sacked from his position.

The mastermind behind the supplying of machetes is not yet known at the moment. But the secrete arming is said to be highly sophisticated and defensive moves for whatsoever might happen as toppling of the president looms.

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