Unity State Floods: 7 drown, thousands displaced

Flood destroyed homestead in Unity State's Mayendit county, several displaced/PHOTO: Supplied/RamcielFlood destroyed homestead in Unity State's Mayendit county, several displaced/PHOTO: Supplied/Ramciel

Confirmed reports from authorities in Mayendit County of Unity state show seven people lost their lives after drowning as a result of floods due to heavy rains in the region.

An estimated number of more than 800 livestock died, and thousands of residents have been displaced by floodwaters.

It’s a desperate situation in the affected areas as the county grapples with the aftershock effects of war followed by the unprecedented weather patterns causing huge damage to the society.

Mayendit county commissioner Dr. Gatluak Nyang in a press interview mentioned that the floods in the southern part of his county comprising of eight Payams have forced people to relocate north of the county.

“Since the beginning of July seven people have drowned in the floodwaters and we have 17 cases of snakebites,” Dr. Nyang said.
More people are believed to have been also victims of snakebites from the snakes infested waters in some areas.

Nyang further added, “Now, people are suffering because of the floods. There is no food available and people are staying on an island surrounded by floodwaters. Most of the families already came out of flooding areas of Mirnyiel and Garlual, to Tharker, Rukuei, Tutnyany, and Luong all in the northern part of the county. All the southern part is covered by the flood.”

Despite humanitarian efforts by the United Nations World Food Program of giving food Aid to affected residents after every two weeks, the situation grows worse every day poses a health risk to the residents and potentially rising cases of diarrhea diseases, snake bites, and skins diseases amid lack of health services leaving the entire community in a dire and urgent situation.

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