Uganda President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni ‘s statement has been misunderstood

Uganda presidentUganda president

Gordon Chien Mayen Luk


The Uganda President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni ‘s statement ‘when you look at South Sudanese, they are not black they are blue’ has been misunderstood.

I thought those who assumes to be political analysts/political science students would deeply think about this statement and tell us what M7 meant than giving illiterate  interpretation that he meant blue skin.

Having keenly listened to his speech and deeply thought about it, I came to realized that M7 was politically trying to campaign against the North and South Sudan’s relationship that’s almost becoming stronger than the relationship South Sudan has with Uganda.

In fact, M7 was trying to challenge South Sudanese who are about to be colonise by Arabs by having encourage them on bleaching which literally means that; Arabs who are red in color have blue 🔵 eyes which some of South Sudanese who like bleaching seems to be artificially adopting.

According to my point of view, president M7 meant two things. Discouraging South and North Sudan’s’ relationship and was insulting bleachers. He was not that racist on this matter. I believe so.

Therefore in my humble opinions on his statement, I would love to advise my fellow country men and women to at least minimize the bleaching issue. We are beautiful and handsome in our original color (black skin).

And to the government, we have seen how Uganda had been misbehaving towards South Sudan that’s proven beyond doubt by the president’s behaviors. Hence, I see it healthy if our government also minimize being depend on Uganda and begin to believe in our independency.

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