Two S.Sudanese brothers killed (stabbed) Six Months apart in Australia

PhotoKot and Machar/Source:9news

One family has lost two sons in just six months after a man was fatally stabbed in Melbourne’s west last night.

Kon Kot’s brother Machar Kot was killed in June – has followed the tragic fate of his brother, dying after being stabbed at a Hungry Jack’s in Caroline Springs last night.

Mr Kot’s family said he went to the fast food restaurant about 9pm after he received a panicked call from his 15-year brother, who was allegedly being threatened with a knife when the 24-year-old arrived.

A fight broke out which grew out of control and Mr Kot was stabbed.

Paramedics were called but the Kurunjang man died at the scene.

James Makir, 24, was arrested at a nearby house has been charged with one count of murder. He faced the Melbourne Magistrates’ Court today.

Another man was also arrested and later released from custody.

Investigators have conducted a line search for the weapon along with a police helicopter.

Police believe Mr Makir and Mr Kot knew each other.

Mr Kot’s family gathered in grief at the Kuranjang home today, remembering a young man who lived for his family and never truly coped with the loss of his younger brother, Machar.

Credits: 9news (Australia Based)

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