Trump’s spiritual advisor turns to prayers for victory

imagesPhoto Courtesy/Left US President Donald J Trump, Right, Paula White, the spiritual advisor

The latest projections by the US media sources are showing Joe Biden wining the election.

United States President Donald Trump’s spiritual adviser Paula White has led an impassioned prayer service in an effort to secure the 74-year-old’s reelection.

“I hear a sound of victory. The Lord says it is done. For I hear, victory, victory, victory,” she beseeched before adding: “Angels are being dispatched right now…angels have been dispatched from Africa right now…they’re coming here, in the name of Jesus.”

Paula White

White’s video trying to invite God went viral on Thursday, November 5, even as Trump’s team vowed to sue all states for “still counting votes” two days after the casting of ballots ended.

Trump had accused Democrats of stealing votes and that he would challenge the results in the supreme court of United States.

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