Troika calls for trial of crimes committed in Upper Nile

FB IMG 1623190571873 750x450 1Troika Delegation meeting in Khartoum

The United States, United Kingdom and Norway have called on the government of South Sudan to hold to account perpetrators of conflict in Upper Nile State.

The three countries, under the Troika umbrella, urged Juba to set up mechanisms for protection of civilians. They also want the government to end violence as well as allow the ceasefire monitoring body CTSAMVM, to investigate alleged crimes.

The RTGoNU must ensure that appropriate action is taken on officials and others who are responsible for instigating violence,” the statement read in part.

The Troika also urged the government to ensure the aid workers move freely to deliver humanitarian assistance to internally displaced persons.

Earlier this month, intense fighting was reported in Upper Nile State between rebel forces of Johnson Olony and Simon Gatwech Dual.

Last week Olony reportedly accepted President Salva Kiir’s call to return to Juba and contribute to the peace process.

The Head of the Agwelek delegation in Juba said Olony’s return to Juba was delayed because he wanted to block the lifeline route of Gatwech’s rebels at South Sudan’s border with Sudan.

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