TPLF demands withdrawal of Eritrean army and neighbouring Amhara forces

The regional government in Tigray has a powerful forceThe regional government in Tigray has a powerful force

Tigray People Liberation Front is now demanding an immediate withdrawal of forces allies to the government of Ethiopia before any possible talk with Addis Ababa, the spokesperson.

This latest development came based on a statement issued by the spokesperson’s office on Sunday.

On Monday, the TPLF suddenly captured Mekele, the capital of the Northern region, Tigray. Thousands of people cheer as the troop marches in the streets.

The government issued a cease-fire which the TPLF spokesperson termed as a big “joke”.

The statement outlined demands if the talk with Addis Ababa was to be possible. They want an immediate withdrawal of the Eritrean armies and the Amhara troop sent to the region since the war breakout last year.

“Invading forces from Amhara and Eritrea must withdraw from Tigray and return to their pre-war territories,” it says.

According to the government position, TPLF is not a threat.

Other conditions include a call to hold PM Dr. Abiy Ahmed accountable for the atrocities committed by the Ethiopian force’s humanitarian access and the distribution of aid to the returnees displaced by war.

The UN reported that more than 400,000 people in the Tigray region faced famine. More clashes could occur in the coming days, further stated the report.

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