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(BOR, JONGLEI STATE) — A top student who outshined everybody that sat for South Sudan Certificate of Secondary Education(SSCSE) now hopes for a rescuer in order for her to pursue her dreams. While speaking to a media show played on Facebook a few days ago, the student narrated her story that touched many hearts. We also published a brilliant article she wrote:

Elizabeth Anyieth Mayen began her educational foundation in Uganda at nursery in 2006 of which she successfully completed in the year 2008. In 2009, she joined primary level and brilliantly obtained 4 aggregates in 2015. But due to economic crisis, that have been prevailing, the young brilliant mind supported by her father who had a small business enough to cater for the family, came back to the country and continued with her studies since Uganda was expensive compared to what her father managed.

Anyieth then joined Bor College High School and pursued her education through a bursary program offered by the school and she stood firm. Her performance didn’t either nosedived and she didn’t disappoint the school either. She sat in 2019 and topped the country.

After a while, in 2018, her father who was bedridden after a car accident died charring her hopes of ever joining higher institution (University) which is still a part of her dream.

Anyieth now Stays in Bor with her widowed mother and she hopes that things will change and that some good Samaritan will help elevates her so she could chase her dream with a passion.

Disclaimer: RB have no copyrights to Anyieth’s picture used herein but solely using it for sharing her story and hope that she finds one. She can be found through her social media account: Anyieth Mayen

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