Top SPLM-IO Political Activist Quit Movement

Diglos Jidet right met with SPLM/A-IO Chairman and Commander-in-Chief Dr. Riek Machar Teny in Khartoum, 2019/photo supplied

SPLM-IO’s top political activist quit party politics and promised to do some Personal Development Initiative (PDI) years after what he termed as “waste of energy” to support a party that doesn’t make use of its finest brains.

Jidiet Dak known on social media as Diglos Jideit call it a quit seven years after working for the rebel’s movement’s top political propaganda. In an email sent to Ramciel Broadcasting, Diglos said he already posted it on his social media account to attract his massive follower.

The youthful political activist announced he finally quit.
“I’m Quitting SPLM -IO activity especially writing on Social Media daily. Today Saturday 18th of July, I decided to quit from the party activity SPLM-IO and pursue my interests in creative fields and involve in activities that will benefit me personally”

He confessed that,

“Over these years, I realized that through political parties, we end up working more for the political interest of the party rather than the welfare of the people. My posts on social media, which have in depths analysis of State and its interest are being perceived by some in the party as Pro TDP posts and my integrity is being Questioned”

“I would not like to compromise on my freedom of expression when it comes to my state and my Nation due to my affliction with any party. Though I had several opportunities to ask for favours and position, I take pride in mentioning that in spits of my proximity with many leaders, I never asked anyone in these six years for any favor”

“I’m saddened to distance myself from a party that has been found and nurtured by great leaders like Dr. Riek Machar Teny”

“In the present time, I am finding it difficult to survive in the party as I belong to its core ideology which says. Country First Party next Self last”

Diglos wishes his comrades all the best as he decided to do some more personal development. It is rumored that he wants to become a freelance writer for some South Sudanese media outlets.

His decision however was received with mixed reactions by members of the SPLM-IO while others applauded him.

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