Top 10 South Sudanese artists revealed

Have you ever wondered who the best artist in South Sudan might be? Yes, today your yearning question is answered. But before you roll to see the top, you will first have to start from just right here. These artists are so much dedicated and they are the real game changers. Lets go!

10. John Frog

You might be probably wondering why John Frog has invaded the list but for real, this is not a hot topic. He is simply a shining star and the popular son of the land. His hit, Gundo Sakit has attracted the likes of Harmonize who was compelled to do a collabo with him and it blew up the corridor. The song is already a global figure. His other songs are but just the future and all you need in a rough night.

9. Lady Kola

Meet this beautiful soul, Lady Kola. Her music is so distinct that you begin to stick to it like a peanut butter. Well, so smooth that you are carried along. She has the voice and known around East Africa, especially Uganda. Her single, Dugu Kas is just a song you won’t want to miss. Check it out on Youtube and you will defintiely understand why she falls here.

8. Silver X

Master Silver X is the role model of many Juba boys trying to make it to the top. His talent has has been driving young aspiring artists in the country and you will be shocked to see some here in, and later. His songs are well known, as he is also a hit maker. He can be referred to as the father of music.

7. Single Dee

New to you? wrong! and if yes, then you have been behind. Single Dee is the real deal of a voice. A voice of healing in fact. Still wondering why? well, then it is time to know. His song BROKEN, is a burning incense and the best aroma. His love for the nation has inspired him to bring out such an amazing tune. Don’t miss to check it out on YouTube. Leggo!

6. K-Denk

If there is a person that can combine multi talents and bring the best out of them, then you have got K-Denk. He has come along way and with full dedication, he is simply a bread winner. K-Denk is a hit maker, singer, songwriter and a rapper. He has thrown a dozen songs and videos out there and that makes him come at the top of the musicians with the best videos. Check him out in Youtube and watch to satisfaction.

5. Alijoma Mabil


Prince Alijoma is the topic of the day among youth. He is hit maker and his vidoes have so many views in Youtube. Check him out and watch his latest. His song Malaika is still energetic and stealing the show. Achai Wiir is among his best songs and if you have not listened to any of his songs yet, then it is time to drop the western music and tuned in locally. Your needs will surely be met. He has a stunning voice too. Check it out!

4. Lul Simon

Well! well! well! Lul Simon is the real game changer and the face of the new South Sudanese music. He has intertwined his songs with the world class songs carrying popular notes. His single, SOUTH SUDAN DIVA rocked Juba and the world at the time of its release. The song is still being streamed. Kush Bae might be just the song your soul needs. This guy is a magician and he is ladies’ request. So much talent. Check his amazing voice out.

3. Irene Toss

Never had a crush? then you should start just right here. But wait, its your choice. This young lady filled with beauty is a ‘heaven sent’. Her singing style is so unique that you would want to steal it. She comes through and her song: Strength of a woman is just all you need to fall in love, but wait, what about her voice? well, Irene comes third and she is simply your best choice.

2. YMO

Ever heard of BEAUTIFUL SOUTH SUDAN? if your answer is NO, then it is time to activate your partriotism. This guy has magical voice. It would be near angelic but he is a man. His other songs won’t fit here for description but they are the reason why he comes second. He is talented and a shining vocal. Check him out at youtube. He is also a partriotic citizen. He sings with TRC also where there is another game changer, a RAPPER. Check out that crew too.

1. Dynamiq

With all due respect, Junubeen do not afford to argue beyond this point. Dynamiq is the best and he tops this list picked to be the best in South Sudan. He is so talented that he has made it to the international stage. His songs have rocked East Africa and Jamaica. They not only give musical pleasure but hopes in life too. The South Sudanese Child is surely a man of great talent. Respect!

NOTE: This analysis is based on RB views which are optimistic and the idea that these artists sing in languages that can be understood by 95 percent of the South Sudanese population hence the real game changers. There are those you might have the opinion that they are better than the ones here but we value your opinion.

(DISCLAIMER: The photos of the artists appearing here are the copy rights of their owners extracted from their Facebook pages and accounts bearing their stage names and Ramciel Broadcasting do not claim any ownership whatever the case. Their use is only made for entertainment and promotional purposes which Ramciel Broadcasting believe is worth it. All credit goes to them)

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