Tonj’s cold war boils down to discrimination, cut off and Isolation of Luacjang Community, members decry

(Note: The Image above shows the SSPDF leaders briefing press last year shortly before the disarmament excercise in Warrap State’s Tonj. The process is believed to have been the root cause of the issue)

Proud members of Tonj East’s Luacjang community have decried the new phase of hate in the Warrap State’s cold war.

According to a last week’s letter addressed to the President Kiir Mayadit, the Interim Chairman of the Luacjang Youth Union Marcelo Deng Magon, have in a long statement published on Facebook highlighted what boldly sheds light on the growing hate among the Tonj’s communities in Warrap State.


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According to that letter, Luacjang community is said to have been in a nutshell as they are being marginalized.

The latest appointment of State Ministers, Commissioners and advisors have otherwise proved the claims as non of the called people to serve the Warrap State is among the advisors and commissioners from Luacjang community.

The community is facing it rough.

Recently, Primary 8 national exams were cancelled in Luacjang’s area, by the orders of the minister of general Education Awut.

The reason was that IO areas are insecure and therefore, examinations will not undertake right there.

Some believed that the government conspired to hands the area to IO as part of its bigger plans to inflict suffering on the civil population in Tonj East, particularly Luacjang.

Following public outburst and pressure from SPLM-IO, the exams were eventually allowed.

Today, complains from Luacjang community members are scaling the satin air and they are persisting.

There is a cold war in Tonj and it runs deep to the recent disarmament excercise which lead to SSPDF confrontation with the civil population, atleast according to our sources.

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