Tigrayans lost power in 30 days after 30 years!

Members of TPLF in national stadium in Mekelle. The Tigray government has vowed to defend the territory under its controlMembers of TPLF in national stadium in Mekelle. The Tigray government has vowed to defend the territory under its control

By Mak Johnson

Tigrayans are to crumble in less than a month after 30 years of ruling over 110millions Ethiopians. Tomorrow, Wednesday, the 25th of November, 2020 will be a D-Day for the Ethiopian and, particularly the Tigrans people. The Tigray’s TPLF junta and its armed militias are lingering audacious to the EFDR ‘ultimatum.

They are missing the last remedy that, if Tigrayans were to be wise enough, they would have been easily complied with the call by the federal government to give up their weapons and runoffs those most wanted leaders of the rebellion unprotectable for the federal government to collect and present them to the court of laws. As a former Ethiopian Paratrooper, I use my knowledge of the northern Ethiopian Highlands region of Tigray to monitor their war. 

Now that, the countdown is in tracks to the expiry of prime minister’s 72 hours green interlude. If junta remained determining to fight, a decisive assault on Mekele is in reach in only few hours to comes. Me knowing the Tigray’s remained city of Mekele, they (Tigranans) will not withstand the might of the Ethiopian army after losing control of almost all their potentials cities such as Shire, Axum, Adua, Adidaro, Adineberit, Adiagray, Adiguala and Adishadi to the north;  Adigrat and Zalambasa to the east; Mashew, Raya, Kobo and Alamata to the South: Dansha, Humera and Shiraro to the west.  The city of Mekele alone in the central Tigray region remains a vulnerable target. Therefore, the outcomes of the decisive assault on Mekele is clear that, Ethiopian federal army will easily win in less than 30 days despite the region’s harsh terrain. 

Tigrayans ruled over hundreds of the Ethiopian ethnic communities for nearly three decades. For the sake of Ethiopianism, all of the Ethiopian tribes, nation and nationalities have shown a maximum restraint from interrupting Tigrayans rule despite the pervasiveness of an uncountable human sufferings because of the Tigrayans rule of terrorization and demagoguery.

Now that, Tigrayans started rebellion against the very people and government of Ethiopia which they (Tigrayans) ruled and exploited for three decades only because the current Head of State (Abiy) is not theirs. After all the political discrepancy and scandalous waste of the nation’s fabric, they (Tigrayans), and without any genuine reason, have decided to defiant and staged bloodiest rebellion against the nation and tended to entirely forsaken the legitimacy of its federal arrangement in spit of the fact that, Tigrayans are once that established a tribally stereotyped federalism which helped them exploited Ethiopia with its unpaired application.

For the Tigrayans, the down is castes and, they hardly pushed back to the Ethiopians political surface since their concocted rationale for causing such a widespread political cataclysm was that, the current head of the Ethiopian government (Dr. Abiy) is not of the Tigrayans by tribe. What is different between the JCE and TPLF Junta whence the political ethnocentrism.
Some  of my fellows Nuer men with whom I spoke to about the current war in Ethiopia’s northern region failed to acknowledged the factual motives of two conflicting Ethiopian parties.

Those who are in some ways don’t have enough knowledge of the Ethiopian political contexts ensuing to be misconstrues and condemning Ethiopian federal government of action against the Tigrayans to restore law and order.

Those who blamed Ethiopia government in favor of the TPLF junta are the ones failed to recognize the importance of the highly appreciated and indispensable political change after nearly three decades of a tribalized socio-political bizarreness of the Ethiopians. People of Ethiopia need change that is radical and not orderly.

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