Tigray region says Federal Government carried airstrikes near Mekele

Tigray in Ethiopia.Map/Tigray Region in Ethiopia. Courtesy of Wikipedia

The Tigray region has alleged that the Federal Government of Ethiopia had on Thursday carried out bombings around its capital Mekele.

According to AP, the authorities of Tirgay region say that jets carried bombing near the capital after communications were cut off, disrupting the normal calm hours of Thursday.

Tigray regional president, Debretsion Gebremichael, earlier said its forces had foiled a plan by the federal troops to use artillery and arms stationed there to attack the region.

“In the regions around Tigray, there is a massing of military forces. I stated that they have decided to go to war and we should all prepare to foil it. This is our proclamation, so let it be clear,” he said.

“There is no reason for this because the people of Tigray held an election. There was nothing new that happened. This is the action of a self-loving government that is trying to resolve, albeit though not possible, political differences through force, weapons, and war. That is why they have declared war on the people of Tigray.”

The report was read out in a regional broadcaster on Thursday evening amid tensions.

On Thursday, the deputy army chief said the “country has entered into unexpected war” after Ethiopia’s lower house of parliament approved unanimously a six-month state of emergency in the region which is ruled by the opposition Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF).

This was followed by an announcement by the Prime Minister that the government is left with no choice upon its army base being attacked by the Tigray People’s Liberation Front(TPLF) but to retaliate and ‘rescue’ the country.

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“Our country has entered into a war that it did not want. This war is a shameful war. It does not have a point. The people of Tigray and its youth and its security forces should not die for this pointless war. Ethiopia is their country,” the deputy chief of the army, Birhanu Jula, said on state television, adding that troops were being mustered from around the country and dispatched to Tigray.

“The war will not come to the center, it will end there (in Tigray).” he said.

Mid this year, the government of Abiy Ahmed has mid this year called off Tigray regional elections while the country was still under COVID-19 lockdown. Despite ordering, the region went ahead to conduct elections.

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