Three people shot Dead in Western Ethiopia’s Pugnido Refugee Camp

June 07, 2020 (RB)–Three people have been shot in Pugnido Refugee camp last night by unknown gunman allegedly from Anyuak. Source on ground said that they are on their own with no protection from UNHCR or Ethiopia federal force or Gambella regional force.

 “We don’t even understand the existence of UNHCR or other protections agency like Ethiopia federal force here in Gogn Woreda” A man who asked his identity to be preserved lamented. He is from a South Sudanese community living in Pugnido

 “We are being shot and slaughtered like dogs in their eyes. We can’t fight back because we are unarmed.”

Pugnido is a remote refugee camp in Gambella region of the western Ethiopia. It has been hosting refugees for decade just like any other camp in Ethiopia and historically, it is the oldest camp with a population of 65,000 refugees from South Sudan but according to Global Refugee Atlas, the population in stands at 68,176 as of May 2019. The refugees are mainly from South Sudan, Eritrea, Sudan and Somali. South Sudan being at 60%.

Ethiopia have been awarded as the only East African country that have mercifully and fairly settled a lot of refugees from South Sudan but those refugees now are without protection from neither UNHCR, nor Ethiopia federal force and the Gambella regional special force which means that their lives are in danger.

The incidences that led to the shooting are however unknown.

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