Three children slaughtered in Rock City, losing their lives | RB

The Rock City residents have been shocked by a horrific scene involving the extra judicial killing of three children on Saturday evening.

The three little girls left by their mother were murdered in cold blood in Rock City. The mother is reportedly said to have gone out in the evening for her said usual injections at a nearby clinic. Upon her return, she encountered an ugly scene with sinister implications. It was her children aged 3, 5, and 7 dead.

The incident happened while the mother was out, leaving the kids watching Television at home. From this point, the killer took an opportunity and killed all the three children, slaughtering them with a weapon that is yet to be revealed by the Rock City police.

The mother is held at custody at the police station whereas the killer is nowhere to be seen.

The incident occurred behind Cambridge School in Rock city in the evening hours. Meanwhile, the police at Rock City are handling the matter.

Full investigation report underway:

(Photos: the murdered girls. Soruce:Supplied)

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