Eastern Jikany sons and daughters should not be use by Kiir-Machar

Maj.General Dickson Gatluak Jock NyuotMaj.General Dickson Gatluak Jock NyuotMaj.General Dickson Gatluak Jock Nyuot (Getty Images)
Eastern Upper Nile, particularly those in uniforms under different brigade commanders who are being used by president Kiir not to involve in any fight around Juba.
Upper Nile region has been at war with Kiir’s government for the last 9 years. You need to rest now and enjoy the relative peace and stability. We leave you in Upper Nile in peace but don’t follow us in Equatoria
┬áIt’s regrettable to see you being taken to battlefronts that are not beneficial to you and the country. Since last week, Gen. Ochan Puot of Mai-wut special forces and Gen. Karlo Kuol of Division 4 in Bentiu have mobilized a total of 350 Nuer soldiers to be taken to Juba as presidential guards.
This never happened because instead of taking them to Juba, they took them to Torit and Yei areas respectively to fight the rebel forces of General Malong and Thomas Cirilo. These innocent sons of the Upper Nile are being lied to by the regime that is only interested in consolidating power as the citizens suffered.
Now that most of you specially chie-waw were killed in the recent fights with many others are groaning in pain in various hospitals in Juba. What benefits are you getting from it when the destination you were supposed to be taken never worked according to the government plans.
My intelligence report was that about 2 sons from Mai-wut were killed around Yei and 5 others were wounded. They are now in critical conditions in Juba military Hospital.
What are you benefiting from these senseless killings? Act wisely please. In simple fact, time for Nuer to be used as Militias is over. Wether You like it or not, comrade Salva is going period!
Maj.General Dickson Gatluak Jock Nyuot
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