Photo: Youth leaders representing the three states of Equatoria, 16 Sept. 2014; view more photos of the event on Facebook.Photo: Youth leaders representing the three states of Equatoria, 16 Sept. 2014; view more photos of the event on Facebook.

We the PATRIOTIC SPLM Leaders in Central Equatoria State have reached the core corner of our long silence and decided to write this open letter to our Chairman and the President of the Republic of South Sudan.

Your Excellency, Central Equatoria State as you are aware since the liberation struggle has been a stronghold of the SPLM. But since the appointment of Cde. Emmanuel Adil Anthony as the Governor of Central Equatoria State and his delegation as the Acting SPLM Chair in the State, SPLM is losing all its popularity as support due to incompetency and lack of Political maturity of Cde. Adil.

We are writing to you this without the fear of repercussions, that the time has come for Your Excellency, to urgently replace Cde. Emmanuel Adil Anthony from the Governorship of Central Equatoria State so that SPLM will gain its respect and dignity as well take its position as the only hope for the people of South Sudan.

As you already know many reasons, allow us just to outline a few.

1- Cde. Adil is immature Politically and lacks respect nonetheless, not accessible by the veteran SPLM members of Central Equatoria State who stood with you since the liberation struggle and have the support of the grassroots.

2- since the appointment of Cde. Adil to the Governorship of CES, he has been working directly and indirectly to working against you and not respecting your Constitutional powers. He is the spoiler of peace in CES.

3- As you are aware of grassroots peace initiatives done by Cde. Adil when he was the Governor of the defunct Yei River State, with the help of ECS Church, managed to convince some non-signatories but very, unfortunately, he again worked hard to thwart the agreement Which leads to the re-defection of those Forces back to the National Salvation Front of Thomas Cirilo Swaka and other non-signatories. Thou Cde. Adil has contacts and Communication with most of the non-signatories, he kept his Political disability to run his dry ideas.

4- most recently, beyond proved that, Cde. Adil lacks the ability to run a coalition Government even after you wrote to State Governments to work together in Spirit of peace and stability, he illegally suspended the Minister of Information and Communication who is from the National Alliance of Political Parties a group under Other Political Parties. That Sparks public debates up to today, and we are afraid if the same is done to our SPLM representatives in other states? What will be your reaction your Excellency? He didn’t stop there alone, he also suspended Deputy Mayor for Infrastructure and Development Hon. Thiik Thiik Mayardit as a threat to intimidate him not to do his duty of seeking equal payment of South Sudanese working in Foreign Companies.

Your Excellency, Cde. Adil is seriously violating the Spirit of the agreement and that is our fear for the future of SPLM.

5- Cde. Adil is the first Governor appointed, up to today, he has no development ongoing projects unlike his other colleagues in other States. With how resourceful is CES, he instead of working for himself to buy new private expensive Cars, Houses in Kampala, and more than two-story building construction in Juba Rock City and other residential areas in Juba.

Cde. Adil is failing both in Government and SPLM in Central Equatoria State.

6- When you looked at this State Government, there are serious imbalances within the representation of the Six Counties of Central Equatoria State in the cabinet and other portfolios. This created hatred for the SPLM by the civil population in our State.

Your Excellency, the rest of security reasons we can’t write them here as a respect to your highly esteemed Office. We can’t access you that’s why we decided to write using social Media platforms with hope and trust that you can get it and easily act upon it.

We are waiting for your Excellency to rescue Central Equatoria State SPLM from the mis-leadership of Cde. Emmanuel Adil Anthony.

Written by

CES SPLM Veterans Politicians.

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