The Strength Of The South Sudanese Woman: Standing Through Hard Times

May 20, 2020 (RB), My mother,  is the heroine I see when I think of a South Sudanese woman. She came from a family known for their historic contribution to Sudan and South Sudan struggle. Her uncle, Hon. Both Diu was among the first South/Sudanese to demands for a separate South Sudan as an independent country.
During South Sudan struggle, two of her brothers died for the country. She cooked for soldiers as they marched into battle fields. Her husband spent his entire life fighting for the freedom of the people of South Sudan. Then, it came to my understanding, she deserved my respect. She is my heroine. Her suffering, strength, resilience, and courage throughout South Sudan struggle is found in a South Sudan woman of today.
Dating back to the dawn of colonialism up to the independence era, the South Sudanese woman has been a pinnacle of hard work, patient, kindness and perseverance. She has been the pillar upon which all the stress of the nation rest. Her courage and strength have made families stood for decades. The whole of the family weighs perfectly balanced on her. During the pre-colonial era, her role was distinct and concrete in a sense that nearly all works done in the family were done perfectly and to the letter by her. The effort, love and loyalty for her family, not only depicted the strength she put on her duties, but the immeasurable amount of love deeply rooted in her. This though continues up to the very much modern days of South Sudan.
During the liberation struggle, women played a major role and even after the independence, they continue to play a significant role in both their families and at the national level. They have carried the heaviest burden throughout the entire history of South Sudan. Often, the society has been having vague and biased view about the role of women, but for a record, the South Sudan woman has given her all. In the wake of human rights which incorporate the protection against violence, it is noted that the South Sudanese woman has been subjected to multiple suppressions and abuses as she is deemed to be firewood.  This partially represents the general perception about the status of a woman in the South Sudanese society. This perception which according to the United Nations is barbaric and discriminating has solely ruined the pride and strength of the South Sudanese woman especially in the modern era. But in the midst of such, she is still living through.  This is however a destructive mischief that has to be stopped. Women are the core and the bedrock of the family and the society without which its structure would be very much fragile.
If there can be, the ultimate payback and appreciation that ought to be given to the South Sudanese woman is the promise of a peaceful nation where she can go to school, walks freely and peacefully play her roles both in the family and the nation as well without having to worry about anything and a promise of a society without violence and discriminating and confinement of her life. This is a milestone that can be achieved through collective effort and commitment through the overall idea of creating a better and peaceful nation. This will erase her torture and mistreatment through ages. It has been said that once you educate a girl child, you have educated the whole nation and this value should be a fundamental entity which must be embedded in our national cohesion and in our constitution as well.
The number of women leaderships in the government should be pushed to 40 per cent and with full implementation. This will radiate a positive energy and the progress, and the goal of the country can be achieved. Finland is one country that has shown its trust for women leadership and so, and it has effectively worked. As much as both countries are different, the strategy can still work in South Sudan. The world is dynamic, and the role of women is highly demanded. Women do their work honestly, diligently and with all energy just as they do the family duties. This same spirit can therefore be reflected in their duties when given such a percentage.  There is nothing to be spared in the pursuit of building a better country where women are free from abuses, all forms of discrimination and domestic violence.
Back to where we started, the South Sudanese woman, deserve to be free from all forms of confinements, discrimination, abuses and domestic violence. She should live in a society where her strength and love for her family since time immemorial, is respected and cherished.  She has endured a lot especially by withstanding and at times breaking through the ages of wars and violence. This will not only benefit her; a woman is like a river that hosts the lives of both water bond and non-water bond living organisms and that will be the best for the nation. Women leaders like Defense Minister, Hon. Angelina Teny, H.E, Vice President, Rebecca Nyandeng Garang, Presidential Aspirant, Suzanne Jambo, Sarah Nyanath, and the Hon. Minister of Health, Elizabeth Achui and their counterparts, should push for great and scaling agendas that can put the South Sudanese woman in the society to an unshakable position.
Such move will shape the perception and the status of the South Sudanese woman in the society and put her in a better place in the world as well. Her hardship shall be a thing of the past and her state and future will not be sour and bitter as it is or was in the pre-colonial era, liberation struggle and today.  The South Sudanese woman is full of beauty and her strength is like that of a lion.

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