The SPLM_IO has declared a proxy war on Mabaan civilians

South Sudanese Refugee Children in Kakuma/Photo Source: World VisionSouth Sudanese Refugee Children in Kakuma/Photo Source: World Vision


By Tawfiq M Tongo

The SPLM_IO has declared a proxy war on Mabaan civilians in Upper Nile South Sudan. Mabaan In Opposition, better known as the MIO, is an affiliate of the SPLM_IO.

On December 13th, 2020, the MIO soldiers in the Liang SPLM_IO military left their base on fought against the civilians at Kanyaji and the Liang villages.

The incident in Liang and Kanya has historical roots dating back to 1996 when SPLM_Nasir Faction, led by current South Sudan first vice president Dr. Risk Machar attacked and killed civilians in Kanyaji and Liangaji. The villages of Banshowa and Kewoji mainly supported SPLM_Nasir Faction, and today, SPLM_IO was helped again mostly by the very villagers responsible for the 1996 atrocities against the civilians.

Mabaan civilians in Kanyaji, Liangaji, and Dangaji have been chased away from their homes by MIO backed by the SPLM_IO. There is a humanitarian crisis in Mabaan County, a problem created by the SPLM_IO and their Mabaan supporters.

The Mabaan is calling on the International Community and September 12th, 2018 Addis Ababa peace observers for intervention. The MIO, together with the SPLM_IO, has violated the peace agreement by waging war against the Mabaan civilians. Mabaan civilians are now in hiding without food and water.

The SPLM_IO soldiers have killed and wounded civilians in all three villages they attacked. In addition to killing and injuring civilians, the IO soldiers took the little food items civilians had and burned down houses, including taking livestock from the civilians.

As I am writing this article, the SPLM_IO soldiers attacked my hometown Dang, took medicine and medical equipment from the local hospital, and burned down the clinic, including burning the church and school. According to my source from the ground, there had been two injuries on the civilian’s site at the recent fight at Dangaji village.

The Juba regime, including the SPLM_ IO leadership, has been passive without the desire to put an end to the civilians’ suffering. The Mabaan County residents now have lost faith in the September 12th Addis Ababa Peace Agreement. The Mabaan civilians are calling on the UN, the European Union, IGAD, the African Union, and the International peace observers for intervention



Tawfiq M Tongo

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