“THE SPLA-IO DOES NOT RAID CATTLE,” The SPLA-IO Deputy Military Spokesperson

(28/05/2020, RB)—Following recent insecurity in Pariang and Warrap State which led to a few group of individuals accusing the SPLA-IO of commanding its forces to carry out attacks, the SPLA-O-IO, Lam Paul Gabriel had today through his social media outlet clarified that the attacks were not carried out by their forces. He termed such accusations as anti-peace.

It has come to the knowledge of the SPLA-IO command that its forces in Unity State have been accused of carrying out cattle raids in Pariang and Warrap yesterday 27/05/2020 by some anti-peace elements from the defunct Northern Liech and Ruweng State. This defamatory lies towards the SPLA-IO will not solve the real problem on the ground. The SPLA-IO does not raid cattle.

It should be noted that violence between cattle keeping communities in South Sudan existed long before the SPLA-IO; and therefore, pointing fingers at the SPLA-IO at this peace time, shows how blind we have become in this country. Community violence is the responsibility of every South Sudanese. Solving this unnecessary violence requires a national approach with sincere hearts but not politics.

It is both shameful and disappointing that at this time when peace is being implemented, some politicians are still beating the drum of war in the country.

The SPLA-IO remains committed to the peaceful implementation of the R-ARCSS, and no amount of negative propaganda can change that.

Col. Lam Paul Gabriel
SPLA-IO Deputy Military Spokesperson,” The message read.

The general security of the country continues to deteriorate as states and administrative areas await the appointment of governors.

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