Opinion | The root cause of confusion is over within SPLM/A-IO

Dr Riek Machar Teny Dr Riek Machar Teny (Photo by Getty images)

Opinion by: Latjor Yang Pidor

Mismatch of the people’s interest and the changed original objectives of the movement creates a serious defection. It is not confusion by the public but an unexpected change of interest by the leadership which results in defection by those who stick to the original objectives of the movement against those who pursue their individual interests from the leadership.

SPLM-IO’s original objective was a regime change but Riek Machar, the former chairman changed this objective in 2015 and squeezed the agreement into the position of First vice-president.

This was what led to the defection of SPLA-IO’s important Generals in 2015 such as the late General Peter Gatdet and General Gatwech Chan known as Tanginye, General Hoth Gatkuoth Hothnyaang, General Chuol Gahk Yier, and many others.

The brief evident on this is a failure by the former Chairman and commander in chief to empower the military wing of the SPLM-IO.

His practical communicated reason was that empowering SPLA-IO and arming it strongly with professional ideological training may lead to cultivating the ideology of regime change strongly which is against the cheap interest of the former Chairman, which is just getting first Vice-presidency deeply rooted in the loss of hope on the regime.

What the mass population need in South Sudan is a regime change but what former Chairman need is First vice-presidency, so the clash of those interest led to public confusion within IO.

What is usually happens when the leader opposes the public interest?

The answer is two, either the public defect from that leader or removes him/her, the other option is demoralization and individual engagement to his own private activities that lead to a high rate of corruption and crimes.

This is what happened in the SPLM-IO. This was the reason a mass defection happened in IO and the removal of the former Chairman recently.

Now, the former Chairman is gone, our next step is to reunite and bring back our defected members under the New leadership.

Fellow citizens, the use of the civil population as an official army of the SPLM-IO has come to an end. SPLM-IO will have its mighty military wing known as SPLA-IO which will conduct what belongs to the military.

The confusion is over, now the ideology is clear, regime change and reform for the entire country are what we are aiming for.

Since what unites is not a personality of the leader, not the qualification he has neither His work experience nor seniority but all it takes for a country or people to unite is the ideology, objectives and public interest which the person leading is loyal to and implement the public will.

A leader is always a colleague in ideology that his role is to communicate and coordinate the ideological implementation, not a master, in any societies or organizations that have a strong unity. For a people to unite, it is unless they are well aware that their leader is committed to what they want.

For disunity, is when the leader has a special interest contrary to the public intention, hence the minority follows that leader and the majority goes with the original objectives but lacks a leader to exercise their interest formally. Hence confusion, defection, and corruption emerge. Demoralization happens and the promotion of individual interests spread like a wildfire. Then an organization perishes after some time if no rescue by a capable and radical leader that commits him/herself for a public cause.

IO is lucky to have a new leader who is well committed with no doubt in his activities and words to pursue the public interest of all South Sudanese, that is a regime change in our country.

Let us unite under what we seek for many years and finally got it, a leadership that is committed to regime change and reform for the republic of South Sudan that will guarantee justice, Liberty and prosperity with equality and equity in the midst of all this.

No disunited organization unless the leadership is incompetent.

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