The projective regional shakiness epitome: South Sudan, the new inventor of regional war

President of South Sudan Salva Kiir Mayardit with the former Sudanese president Omer Hassan Albashir in Khartoum SudanPresident of South Sudan Salva Kiir Mayardit with the former Sudanese president Omer Hassan Albashir in Khartoum Sudan

By Fidel Deng

Dr. Riek Machar and his SPLM-IO are downgraded squarely by Salva Kiir and his criminal cartels as politics of elimination set front in the country.

The failure to appoint Gen. Johnson Olony as the governor of the restive Upper Nile State is barbaric and based on tribal ‘amok’. War might not stop in the state as the R-ACRSS is infringed by a band of political hoodlums who bend their policies on ethnic profanity.

These are the parting projectile of what will happen:

Gen. Johnson Olony might join hand solidly with Gen. Simon Gatwech Dual and a few disgruntled warlords in Bilpam and wage war against Kiir and Riek money laundering platoons whose interest are entirely engraved in bedding political adversary in Juba, in this case, Sudan and Ethiopia will aid the dynamic duo with weapons to dislodge Juba who has been very indiscipline to both on the Nile issue and the underneath support of Tigray leader Dembretsion.

The M-23 and LRA are resurfacing in the jungle of equatorial rainforests and this can be affirmed by the recent clashes at the border of DRC and Uganda over illegal mining___ The Balakas and Selekas of Central Africa Republic are making some communication with the duo rebel groups to forge an alliance that will cause regional instability.  Refugees from DRC Congo and the Central Africa Republic will influx the border of South Sudan causing a massive humanitarian dilemma.

With them will be small arms proliferating South Sudan where tribal paramilitaries will arm themselves and use them against their neighbors. South Sudan cannot handle refugees because of the pre-sensitivity of its refugee population.

Kenya is a member of the powerful security council and its jurisdiction will be to veto any dictatorial regime in the region__ in this case, she will act as the gynecologist of the region’s geopolitics.

Uganda has its problem and cannot afford to help Kiir who will be susceptible to the cropping rebellion. She will only be good in accommodating most of Kiir lieutenants who will be running to Kampala for their dear life.

Sudan might annex Abyei forcefully and Kiir will weep like a tiny baby, he will ask for forgiveness from Nuer and Shilluk to defend the country from external aggression but it will be too late.

Not to say the pandemic such as Ebola, Covid-19, Flood, Drought, and Famine,

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