The petition against skewed employment in the Oil companies of GPOC and NilePet

Oil storage facilities at Bentiu, Unity State, South Sudan. Credit: Charlton Doki/IPSOil storage facilities at Bentiu, Unity State, South Sudan. Credit: Charlton Doki/IPS


Therefore, the leadership of Leek Community Association LECA, Juba, has condemned with the strongest term possible for the unfair and skewed recruitment done by the Minister of Petroleum Hon. Puot Kang and Nile-Pet’s Managing Director- DG, by replacing the sons of Rubkotna County with other community members from other counties who were enjoying support from their high profiles relatives who serve far in the national government.

Unfortunately, our sons Mr. Philips Mamuon and Gat Leak Lor were primes victims of the recent reshuffling. Both were appointed to the managerial positions, two months ago following several meetings held between the Minister of Petroleum Hon. Puot Kang and the Managing Director of Nile-Pet, Eng Bol Ring, and the representative of the host community. The outcome of that meeting, both leaders promised the host community of Leek, to have two managerial positions in the oil company of GPOC, recruit new members, and promote Leek sons who have been serving in the oil company of GPOC for more than 10 years without being promoted because the promotions of the oils companies weren’t done fairly but through windows of relatives and whom you know, not through merits.

Nevertheless, the two managers who were appointed recently to represent the host community of Rubkotna County were sadly removed from their current positions by the Minister of Petroleum and the Director of NilePet, in the recent reshuffling, simply because they have no high profile leaders who did defend their positions.

In the current reshuffling, Leek has only seen their sons being left out from the reshuffling of GPOC, including the former Field Base Manager Mr. Kuol Bath Ruei. These three sons of Rubkotna were replaced with new members from other communities who are not from oils producing communities as which was against the constitution of South Sudan which gave oils producing community percentages share in the employments. But, even though the oils are being drilled in the Rubkotna land, the sons of Rubkotna were removed and replaced.

The constitution of South Sudan article,2012 and 2013, the oils act, gave the percentages share to oils producing community, was violated by the two Institutions of NilePet and the ministry of Petroleum.
Then the community of Rubkotna county has never had managerial positions since the independence of our from 2011 up to now. Leek is completely denied to have their share as one of the oils producing community like any other communities who do enjoy their share in the oil employments and getting other oils benefits.

Leek Community has been denied the managerial positions, leave alone the position of Vic president in the GPOC or other companies. The position of vice is always rotated to other communities instead to consider the host community. It’s good to be fair and transparent in the employment of Oil
and give the host community its oil employment share as what the NilePet and the ministry of Petroleum did to other communities like Malut, Maban, and Ruweng AA.

Moreover, the leadership, urged DG, of NilePet Eng Bol Ring and Hon. Minister Puot Kang to respect and honored the agreement and put to an end the wrangling between the host community and the oils institutions by reversing the unfair replacement of Leek sons and returned the two managerial positions that were allocated to the host community.

Failure of this humble request, then the leadership of Leek Community will not be responsible again for any problems that might arise between the host and the oils companies which are operating in Leek lands since the agreement has already been breached by the two oils institutions.

Cc Hon. Dr. Barnabas Marial Benjamin, the Chairman of the board of directors, NilePet.

Cc Hon. Puot Kang the minister of Petroleum.

Cc, Lt. Gen, Akol Koor DG-NSS.

Cc. Eng Bol Ring the Managing Director of NilePet.

Cc the Vice President of GPOC, Hon. Mayuol Kur.

By Moses Ruai,
Spoke person from LCA.

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