The people linked to the killing of Dong & Aggrey: [Full Video – Investigation]

The question remains: Who killed Dong and Aggrey? and who should be held accountable for their death.?

Amnesty International: On April 30, 2019, the United Nations Panel of Experts on South Sudan issued a report finding that South Sudan’s National Security Service (NSS) kidnapped Dong and Aggrey in Nairobi on January 23 and 24, 2017 respectively. The UN experts said that the two men were flown to South Sudan on a commercial plane chartered with the help of South Sudan’s embassy in Nairobi on January 27. They were detained in the NSS headquarters at Jebel in the capital, Juba, then moved to the NSS training facility on President Salva Kiir’s farm in Luri, near Juba. The panel of experts concluded that it is “highly probable” that the two were executed there on January 30, 2017.

“The UN experts panel’s finding that Dong and Aggrey were most likely murdered days after their abduction while family and friends were stonewalled by Kenyan and South Sudanese authorities shows shocking cruelty,” said Jehanne Henry, associate Africa director at Human Rights Watch. “South Sudanese authorities should stop blocking this case and grant independent investigators access to security facilities in Jebel and Luri.”

Dong and Aggrey, before they were killed, they gave their energy for the young war torn country, South Sudan. Both were vocal and demanded what may be termed as “Change” in the republic of South Sudan.

After the death of the two, the biggest question that still persist is who shall be held accountable for their death?

South Sudan has been at war and question of accountability for the death of millions is yet to be solved if there are any chance.

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