The pencil sensation of David Mayen, a young talented artist [PHOTOS] | RB

David Mayen Kuol is 22 years old South Sudanese, who is living in Bungoma, Kenya.

He is gifted with abound talents which encompasses: pencil artist, poet, pianist, dancer and footballer. He artistically drew the picture of Raila Odinga; the former Prime Minister of Kenya and Dr. Amina Mohammed, the current Minister of Sports, Culture and Heritage and the famous Alijoma Mabil.

Mayen has been drawing since he was in class six as tongue-in-cheek; saying that nobody ever been engrossed or interested in identifying his talents. But recently, a warm-hearted and kind South Sudanese young man by the name Garang Paul Malong Awan who have direct communication with both Raila and Amina has introduced Mayen’s talents to them. And the arrangements for Mayen to meet them is underway.

According to the family, they said that Mayen is looking forward to pursuing Structural and Civil Engineering in any university while they’re calling for the well wishers and magnanimous individuals to come in to their son’s assistance. They’re also asking for everyone’s prayer so that their son will successfully meet Raila Odinga and Amina Mohammed.

“The family is so grateful to Garang Malong Awan for turning out at this time of need when nobody ever done this before.” Said a close family member.

(Photos source: Supplied. To reach out to the artist, please comment on this article. Thank you)

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