The Magic Of Seasonality In Gen. Taban Deng’s Politics – Part I

Vice President of the Republic of South Sudan, H.E Taban Deng Gai/Photo Courtesy

The Magic Of Seasonality In Gen. Taban Deng’s Politics(Part One Of The Episodes).

By Agok Arialbek.

Dear scoffers of Gen. Taban Deng Gai,

Be kindly reminded that he is a determined seasonal politician. Given his tolerance and timed political calculations, Gen. Deng has enjoyed an immense and versatile political history and has reigned supreme in the avenger role.

According to the recent Nuer political history, he is in fact, the first anti-Riek Machar(considering the fact that Dr. Machar is the only idolised deity in the Nuerland) to have survived Riek’s all-round mined networks in entire Nuer Land and Dr. Machar is very much knowledgeable with this bitter fact(dating back to SPLA days).

Gen. Deng’s whimpers are temporary BUT his seasonal returns have always bore lasting traumatic repercussions on Riek in particular. For example, he was the chief negotiator and Head of Advanced Team in the 2015 ARCSS. Upon arrival in Juba in 2016, Dr. Machar instantly disposed Gen. Deng(without substantial reasons) and was subsequently relegated to the backbenches.

Not long afterwards, Taban instantly resurrected and became the First Vice President Of The Republic Of South Sudan, replacing his one-time boss and now arch-rival, Dr. Machar Teny-Dhuorgon.

Of course, he was greatly expected to play both his national and international cards smartly in attempts to have Dr. Machar permanently blocked from national and international scenes. While the Region was about to fall for Gen. Deng, he regrettably felt short of the much-needed home support from Nuer simply because Dr. Riek’s robust and sentimental anti-Jieng rhetorics was/still is, unsurpassable in his backyard.

This consequently led to R-ARCSS in which Gen. Deng was conditionally forced to step-down for his former and now current boss, Dr. Machar. The favor of the Regional bloc didn’t go in vain and that gave Wen-Deng Gai-dit another opportunity to remain in the Presidency. This wasn’t a loss though.

Now as the formation of States governments and reconstitution of R-TNA takes shape, Taban’s politics appears to have hit its dead-end as he is being made to pay the price for failing to win the hearts of Nuer sons over his rival.

Obviously, Taban never had any support within the power-circles of SPLM-IO whether from Nuer sons or otherwise. There was no voluntary loyalty for Taban Deng from the men being stripped of the privileges now.

It was merely a materialistic wedlock between Gen. Deng and outcasts of Machar within SPLM-IO.
Nobody commends voluntary loyalty in the Nuerland except Dr. Machar himself.

The few who sneaks their way through, especially if you are anti-Riek, must exhibit some extraordinary merits.

Either you are somewhat smart and rich or unconditionally loyal to Muorngaknhom of the land. Unlike others, Gen. Deng falls in the former.
He is smart and completely devoid of fear. He actually knows when and where to hit an enemy with a well-timed punch. Gat-Machar and his recent returnees, particularly those young boys mocking him(Taban) now, can testify this short video-clips so well.

Just to put it more plainly, Wen-Deng Gai is a well trained and seasoned kick-boxer. He may have appeared defeated today but that does not guarantee the complete fall of his self-built empire.

By the way, R-ARCSS is still in coma and it will be unwise to conclude now. The atmosphere surrounding R-ARCSS is way worrisome to others(which I may not disclosed) but evidently favourable to now handicapped Deng. You know, there are only few of us who are born to rise in chaotic situations as that of South Sudan. Perhaps, we should be somewhat reserved especially when mocking some of these self-made warlords.
Until this intimidating and ill-fated dust blurring the fate of R-ARCSS is settled, Gen. Deng and many others being disadvantaged now may never be losers as perceived.

He(Taban) could return just like he did in August, 2016 and this time if he comes back, it could even be much better and may end-up being the permanent First Vice-president Of The Republic Of South Sudan until the natural life-and-death constitution decides otherwise.
I advise the mockers to stop the mockery and humble themselves to pray for survival of R-ARCSS until its successful conclusion.

As a layman and sympathiser for the welfare of South Sudanese, I rest my case here.

Agok Arialbek.

(OPIONION of the writer. RB does not sharein in this article. It is solely published for informatics purposes only)

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