The Looming War in Maiwut County

Maiwut Military Parade Photo Courtesy 1Maiwut Military Parade Photo Courtesy 1

The political landscape of Upper Nile State’s Maiwut county is looking ugly.

According to sources who spoke to Ramciel Broadcasting today morning, there is a severe security crisis in the county following a great misunderstanding among the leaders.


“There is high tension now between Ochan Puot and Gatluak Riek Jack and their followers. People might fight anytime,” he said on condition of anonymity.

The rifts between the two leaders have been slowly widening¬† and exploded when Gen. Ochan Puot’s Provisional Military Political Council was integrated into the national army a couple months ago (South Sudan People’s Defence Force).

Gen. Ochan who gained a huge recognition from the government of Salva Kiir is seen by his rivals as taking over the ‘political kingpin’ of CIE Waw Sub section clan of Gaatjaak people of the Upper Nile State.

“CIE Waw are likely to fight any time now. There is high tension and preparation ongoing,” said another source.

According to the same source, Gatluak Riek is said to be planing an establishment of a military Geda in the outskirts of Maiwut (roughly 5km) where he can charge or build his power.

On this development, pressure is weighed on Gen. Ochan Puot and he is cornered to an extent where it is said to likely defect back to SPLM/A-IO.


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