File photo: South Sudan Presidency during a meeting in J1.

Opinion By Tut Kuany Kok.

South Sudan got her SPURIOUS AND PSEUDO INDEPENDENCE from Sudan on 9-7-2011 after the long running-feud which pulverized thousands Lives and Properties. So today, it thus mark its lamentable 9th Commemoration and Celebration Day. But THE QUESTIONS, of which every South Sudanese should ask him/herself about are; What did South Sudan achieved after its independence? What went wrong after Independence? What are the ways forward per now? I supppose that the answer would be that the infant was badly mishandled and molested instantaneously two years after it had crept and hum. Then the Medical Doctors tries and they’re still trying to resuscitate it but their efforts seem frustrated. Now what’s need to Commemorate this very day when the half of the population aren’t in their parsonages? What’s the point of commemorating this day when thousands are in UNMISS like the Caged birds? What’s the point of its commemoration when Salva Kiir is never willing to compromise to bring about peace to the Impoverished masses? What’s the point of commemorating this day when there is intense insecurity in every part of the country where you can be killed by hungry soldier whose $15 salary has not been paid by the government for almost seven months?

Also, the Hospitals, Schools, Roads, Foods, Jobs Creation and Suitable Security (The Big Six Agenda) that supposed to accompany independence of every country in the world are nowhere to be seen, because our leaders only built their tummies and immediate families while leaving the rest to lick the wounds of their leadership brutality. Then what’s the point of celebrating the Independence Day when the country is being control and its all resources by few elites whose sole mere is to enrich themselves and send others to mass grave before their time? What’s the point of celebrating Independence Day when the same leaders are never willing to give up the leadership to those capable to rule the country? Moreover, what’s the point of celebrating the Independence Day when Corona-virus (Covid-19) is lurking in every part of the country, hunting for who to devour since the Corona Task Force Committee ran away each with hefty amount of dollars that was meant for the fight against the virus?

Therefore, our future as the indigenous people of the land, also as the people who paid the heavy price during 21 years of struggle for us to have the country has been assassinated and stabbed at the back. And there’s no point of celebrating its Independence that only benefit few individuals. What happiness would one gain in celebrating the complete failure of his country?

In all Africans countries that also celebrate their Independence Days every year, they don’t it just to count the years they have been free from colonial masters, but they’re doing this yearly to celebrate their achievement in terms of development, peace and prosperity. But what are we celebrating as the people of South Sudan when there’s no development, peace and harmony in the land? Or are we celebrating the ongoing war and the vague development with flimsy roads being wash away by mere water? Now that the child was molested and assassinated, the question is, who’s going to give birth to another child, when the mother’s womb is about to get exhausted after several agreements (miscarriages) were dishonored? So when are we going to free ourselves from the shackles of transgressions, despotism and tribalism instead of celebrating Independence Day that won’t help us at all?

With this piece, it’s time for us to identify where we went wrong and fix it together without segregation, for it is unfortunate seeing our country being brought down to its weak knees by greedy politicians who have no great future for the country and its people. It’s time for all South Sudanese to put their acts together and fight collectively toward achieving lasting peace in the country regardless of which state you’re from.

May God Bless South Sudan and her beautiful people.

The writer is a political activist and human rights advocate. Tut Kuany is also a widely known political writer. The views expressed in this articles are his and RB do not sharein.

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