The Horror of Sodomy in Blue House by the guards as Peter Biar reveals | RB

The renown activist and economist who is also a Harvard degree holder in the field of economics, Peter Biar, revealed the horror of inhumanity that goes on in the National Security’s Blue House in Juba.

While speaking to Ajak Chiengkou during an interview yesterday (E.A.T) – East African Time on SBS – Dinka, an Australia – based South Sudanese owned radio station, Peter revealed that the guards sodomize the inmates.

“After you are tortured, they will then bring you back to prison with blood all over you. You will be told not to touch water or bath for one of two weeks… Again, after you are beaten, the person(officer) will remove the condom and said,’ it has been a long time for me without me having sex with a male, and now that you are here, you will be the person to do it with.’ You can then hear the agonising cry from a person…this has happened to our own Dinka persons who have been humiliated and sodomised inside there. This has created a serious bitterness with people who have been to this situation. ” Biar narrated.

As for him, Biar thanked God to have not been one of those tortured. He also revealed that there are those whose cases are never heard and put into prison for unknown reasons.

Peter Biar also said that the national Security Chief, Gen. Akol Koor arrested many Youths from Aweil after Paul Malong Awan left the government in 2016.

“I was the only lucky to have my investigation initiated by the National Security, but there are people who have been there for long. There is one young man called Lado, and he has been there for four years, and no one ever attended or interview him about his case. All those who came with him to Blue House have died, and he is the only one left alive. The single accusation against him is a rebel. It is hard for the relative to visit, and even if they were to come, they would be turned away. “

Ajak was arrested in July 28th 2018 at the Juba International Airport by intelligence while heading to Aweil. He later spent nearly a year in Blue House.

Biar currently resides in USA after given an emergency asylum by Donald. J. Trump.

(Disclaimer/notice: The interview was done in Dinka and the variation in translation might have changed some words. For more, visit File photo source: Peter Biar: Supplied)

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