“The Government Failed to Contain the Virus” MP blames the Government for ill response toward the COVID-19

Hon. Bor Gatwech Kuany in his office in Juba. photo source: facebookMay 20, 2020 (RBC), South Sudan parliament on Wednesday had one of their members decried the government’s ill preparation to tackle the Coronavirus pandemic. Hon. Bor Gatwech Kuany, a South Sudanese member of parliament Chief Whip blames the government for the poor management of the pandemic. He blames the government for not doing enough to stop the spread of the deadly Coronavirus.
He compares COVID-19 pandemic with the pre-December 2013 political crisis. Hon. Bor predicted hundreds of thousands more than the war killed could die from the COVID-19.  
“The situation in Juba now with Coronavirus is like pre-December 2013. At that time, people knew the war was looming but had no power to stop it except the leaders. That war eventually killed around 300,000 people, two percent of the country’s population though the leaders had the capacity to divert and save the lives of the people” He wrote on his social media.
“The government responded to contain the virus by enforcing social distancing, washing hands and so on have miserably failed”
He admitted that the Coronavirus situation in Juba, South Sudan capital, is tense and it is killing people in huge numbers. 
“This week, the Juba situation with Coronavirus is tense. Many people are being confirmed positive while several people have died. The ignorance that there is no COVID-19 is fading. People are now worried while the government is ill prepared in its response. So far, there are only a few hundreds of beds with dozens of ventilators at both Juba teaching hospital and Dr. JOHN Garang’ Infectious Disease Unit. In fact, someone passed away two days ago simply because all the ventilators were occupied. No one nose could have been taken out so his nose could be fixed in order to get some oxygen” the frustrated South Sudan member of parliament lamented. is ill prepared in its response
He claims that the government’s response toward the virus by enforcing social distance and closing down bars was not enough.
“Our leaders still have the last chance to save our country. If I were the President, I would lock down the country. But before that, give out any money we have so we can do few things”
He proposed the following measures to tackle the pandemic:
1. Expand treatment centers and fill them with ventilators and medicines. We can convert the redundant church and mosque buildings to be treatment centers.2. Anybody who is confirmed positive whether symptomatic or asymptomatic should not be allowed to roam around or be with his or her uninfected family or community. The government should immediately take care of them, put them in a place being monitored by the government.3. Give six-month salaries to all government employees and pay any arrears the government owe to any employees3. Identify and provide food to the most vulnerable like those in the POCs and any other group.4. Deploy all our security forces to enforce the lock-down all across the country.5. Ban any communal burials or gatherings around the dead. All people who died of Coronavirus should be buried by health professionals. People who died with other illnesses should be buried by only close relatives. No funerals to be conducted at all until Corona is defeated. No transportation of the dead to the villages or ancestral lands.

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