South Sudan National Police Service patrolling the city/PHOTO: CourtesySouth Sudan National Police Service patrolling the city/PHOTO: Courtesy

Opinion By: Cde. Khor Pal

Dear all,

The Regime of President Salve Kiir Mayardit and his VFP Dr. Riek Machar Teny has Failed South Sudanese again to bring lasting peace in the country for the second time. However, Mr.Michael Makuel Lieth, the Spokesman of the Regime, and his colleagues James Gatdet Dak Lampuar, the SPLM IO Press Secretary are denying the facts.

These two reports are misleading the public and the International Community by saying, give peace a chance, while there is no peace in-country at all, they are just feeding the world body with lies.

There is no peace totally in South Sudan, when the innocent Nuer and Shilluk are still living in a desperate situation for the last 8 years, in POC in Malakal, Bor town, Wau, and in the capital Juba. That’s a sign of NO PEACE.

There is no peace all in South Sudan when some Dinka Officers and government Officials are still grabbing the land, living in the houses which do not belong to them and enjoying vehicles they have looted from their fellow’s citizen. That’s a sign of NO PEACE.

There is no peace in South Sudan when Equoterian daughters are being raped repeatedly and the Sons are being slaughtered every day by the SSPDF forces. That’s a sign of No PEACE.

There is no peace in South Sudan when the criminals and perpetrators are not brought to justice. That’s signed of NO PEACE.

Just do yourself a favor and asked a question, for how long the Nuer, the Shilluk, and the Equoterian men and women are going to live in South Sudan in the next 20 or 30 years?

Honestly, nobody has a clue or ideas for sure, on what the future may hold for these tribes. I guess they are going to living in hell and fear like this for the rest of their lives.

Others may say, how about we surrounding ourselves to the Regime, like Changson Lew Chang, General Taban Deng Gai, and Dr. Riek Machar Teny. Well, it’s not helpful and it’s will never be an opinion. History is going to judge us one by one for the rest of our lives. It’s way better to cut down a tree from its roots, instead of trying to cut a tree from its branches.

In conclusion: There is no peace at all in Juba, Kiir and Riek are misleading the public and the International Community. The Regime changes are the only way forward and His Excellency Duer Tut Duer has dedicated his time and energy to fight for equal rights and the freedom of all mankind.



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