The current peace in Juba just overpowers and legitimizer’s Kiir government than ever.

President of South Sudan Salva Kiir Mayardit and his FVP Dr. Riek Machar Teny in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia/photo: The EconomicPresident of South Sudan Salva Kiir Mayardit and his FVP Dr. Riek Machar Teny in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia/photo: The Economic

Opinion by Former SPLA army officer, Cde.  Tut Gony Ruach

Good proof about this agreement of Riek and his few inner circles cliques of job seekers is that in 2013 or from,2005-2013 Kiir never had the power to appoint a deputy governor, states advisor, state minister, head of the independent commission, or county commissioner. But by this agreement of 2018 gave Kiir powers to appoint the states deputy governors, advisors, ministers, head of the independent commission, and county commissioners, these powers made Kiir be the most powerful president in agreement and it’s the 2018 agreement that has him such powers.

Kiir has 2/3rd majority in NLA a simple majority whereby his members would be passing any bills without the need of the other MPs from Riek’s IO or SSOA and democracy is all about majority votes

That huge numbers of Kiir in parliament could be used by him to pass electoral laws that would give him upper hands to win the election with a big margin has the huge numbers of his MPs can pass any legislature bills whether the few Riek’s MPs like it or not the oppressed bills could be passed by the 2/3rd.

The 2018 agreement also gave 2/3rd powers to Kiir in executives where he would be able to select and organize independent institutions like Electoral boards and National Statistic or Census Bureau where everything would be manipulated by Kiir through those institutions which are the only institute that can conduct a national census and election.

The same 2018 agreement gave Kiir overwhelm controlled in the Judiciary and all its branches.

The same 2018 agreement gave Kiir overwhelm powers to be the supreme commander in chief of all organized forces a prerogative that would give him uppers hands to deal with and fixed any doubting Thomases who is dreaming that he has any powers in the agreement.

The 2013 VPs powers have now been divided into five VPs each placed in tiny clusters ahead of certain NGO projects.

The 2018 agreement gave Kiir more instruments of states powers such as unlimited powers to the resources of the state from oils revenue to nonoil revenues, he has the guts to fire the officials at BoSS banks, the Finance Ministry, or the petroleum dockets so such power is an absolute controlled of the state’s Resources which is the real power of maintaining the status quo.

The 2018 agreement has extended Kiir’s terms officially, legalize his legitimacy, and gave him unimaginable overall powers has I demonstrated from the above paragraphs, so only a sick minds person would still dream that within that shady agreement of 2018 there would be rooms for Kiir to be fixed whether in the ballots papers or through another circle of fighting.

The same 2018 agreement gave Kiir and his allies to continue to dominates the civil services sectors as the former government officials who rebels wouldn’t be reinstated so it has a negatives future in the coming generations from the other communities whose majority of their sons and daughters who were civil servants before the war wouldn’t make it back to the civil service sectors a generational marginalization which has been orchestrated by non-other than Riek who signed an agreement that overpowers and empowers the status quo

Most of the chapters in the agreement of 2018 such as transitional justice, security matrix, and reforms in the civil service or other government institutions would never and ever be implemented as I am being sincere to you.

The reality now is that Riek has demonstrated a politic of total failure beyond repairs and history has repeated itself to a man who never signed an Agreement which has ever been honored, we can trace these facts back from the previous agreement he signed with a different government at a different time and different years and all his agreement are used to be altered and trashed by the other party.

An example of his agreement is the KPA agreement which was never implemented, 2002 merging to Garang which left out all his first lieutenants, he failed the Uganda peace mediations which was delegated to him by IGAD, his 2015 agreement was trashed at his watch and dishonored like an agreement signed by a five years old child. Base on those negative track records of Riek’s on signing unsuccessful peace accords, there is no doubt that the surrendering 2018 agreement would be altered and trashed at any time soon.


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